Jill E Designs Everywhere Gadget Bag Review

I am quite the bag lady! I am always on the hunt for a great bag, especially when it comes to camera bags! I want a bag with a lot of style, function, and protection. I have had my eye on Jill-e Designs for some time now. They offer stylish, high quality camera bags that seem to have plenty of room for camera gear along with lifestyle essentials. Along with great design and roomy interior, Jill-e Designs bags also seem to offer great protection for all that gear you will be toting around! Perfect!

Jill-e Designs – established by and for women – believes every woman deserves to carry her work tools and lifestyle essentials in a stylish, secure, affordable, high-quality bag. We started in as an advocate for every female photographer who ever had to put up with the male-oriented look and feel of professional camera bags. “Function on the inside, fashion on the outside” was a quick way …to convey our goal. Since then, Jill-e Designs has evolved as women’s needs have evolved. Today we’re a leader in fashionable, functional, protective carry bags for today’s tech-dependent, on-the-go lifestyle.

Our products convey respect toward women – whatever their work, commitments or accomplishments – and recognition that they can express their feminine side while also being taken seriously. Bags by Jill-e Designs help you look your best while you do your best. I was checking the mailbox every day for my Jill-e Designs Everywhere Gadget Bag! I have always had a Jill.e on my wish list and was thrilled to have the opportunity to review such a high quality camera bag. I mean really, I have several friends with a Jill-e and have only heard wonderful things about them. I have not been disappointed; this bag is a dream!

Plenty of room on the interior offering several different lens/camera combos, not to mention other essentials and even a tablet computer or e-reader! I love the exterior pockets for those memory cards, batteries,  even my phone; all in quick reach and organized! The exterior fabric is a weather-resistant nylon with a leather trim. The bag has padded exterior walls and interior dividers to protect your gear! Which is most important to me. I love the stylish nature of the bag, but it has to offer protection to be a great camera bag! I have been carrying my Everywhere Gadget Bag….well, everywhere! It’s been a great bag to carry to family gatherings. I have room for my camera, lens, a few diapers & wipes. It’s been a great camera bag/purse for me!

What fits inside:

1 tablet computer and/or e-reader and 1 DSLR or SLR camera body and 2 medium size lenses or many combinations of small items including tablet computer, e-reader, point and shoot camera plus notebook, water bottle, umbrella, flip-flops, healthy snacks and wallet, keys,make-up, hair brush, hand sanitizer, tin of mints… all your lifestyle essentials. Keep up with all the latest news and product info by “liking” Jill-e Designs on Facebook! If you like their page, leave them some love mentioning RMRV, they will contact you with a generous 20% coupon!! Awesome savings!

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