Citrus Clean

I truly aspire to keep a clean and tidy home.  Mostly because I feel at peace when things are orderly but also because you never know when guests may stop by.  Aspire, however, is the key word.  Although my intentions are good, my daily exhaustion from balancing home life and work gets the best of me.   Sometimes I daydream about my very own Rosie robot maid….you know, like the Jetson’s had……time to wake up! the future of robot maids isn’t that far off…….but until then, I’m happy that at least there has been advancement in the cleaning supply industry.  No longer are we stuck purchasing stinky fume formulas that have cancer causing warnings.  Today there are some great non- toxic, natural based products.  I’ve been purchasing these types of products for quite a few years now since they’re readily available at most stores, however, I was super excited to get to try Orange House.

Orange House uses cold pressed (…meaning extraction without heat or chemicals) orange oil as its main ingredient in a variety of cleaning products like laundry detergent and dish soap.  PHD horticulturalist, Dr. Lin, developed Orange House with the desire to create a 100% nature based product safe to use around children in her own home.  Her mission is to draw from nature, using science, a product good for the environment and humans.Orange House products are tough on grease and dirt but safe enough to wash veggies and fruit!!  In my book, it doesn’t get much better than that.  I have the peace of mind that I’m not touching or inhaling toxins and yet I still get clean sanitary surfaces.  I’ve spent the last few weeks trying Orange House and I have seriously not experienced better smelling cleaning products.  It’s like being in a citrus grove.  And my result is as good as any I’ve previously experienced with other products.  I am also thrilled Orange House products are safe for the septic system at my new home.  A bonus…..Orange House is affordable.  The Liquid Transformation kit costs $35.99 with free shipiing!!  This includes an all-purpose, kitchen, and bathroom cleaner, laundry detergent, dish soap and hand soap!I will be re-ordering from Orange House!  Real Mom Recommended.  If you’d like to purchase your own kit or request some free samples, visit Orange House.  Stop by their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page to see more.

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