Box O’ Fun {Trivial Pursuit Giveaway}

My family loves playing games!  When I was little we would all gather around the table and play, usually on a Sunday night.  We also loved to play games with our friends.  I remember playing Battleship, Guess Who, Clue, and Life.  Not to mention the countless hours of Monopoly!!  Once, my sisters even video taped themselves playing Wheel of Fortune…complete with commercials!!  Aww, the good ol’ days!  Now my family plays games at the cabin.  We gather around the table and play Farkle, Scum, and MadGab.  Sometimes we even pull out the Taboo…a game we must be careful playing…we tend to get a wee bit too loud.  (You know, no one can hear your answer unless you yell )
Game time is a time, for us, that we laugh together, we spend time together, and we tease each other.  A lot of memories come from family game time.  Hasbro sees the importance of game night and established…Family Game Night (FGN).  They have stamped the FGN logo on games that would make for a fun evening when the crew is gathered around the table.

“Players don’t have to know all the answers to win – but they do need to know their friends!  TRIVIAL PURSUIT:

Bet You Know It edition introduces high stakes betting to trivia, where players bet on whether or not their opponents know the answer.”  Get it? BET you know it!!  With 1,800 fresh questions you are sure to have a fun time.  Also you have a chance to earn a wedge on every turn.  This could make for a faster, perhaps more enjoyable, game.
Retails for $29.99.  I great game for any family…Christmas IS coming up!!Another fun family trivia game is Trivia Pursuit: Steal.  This card game is great for when you only have a few minutes but want to play a game.  This would have been great for my family…we all had homework, a practice to get to, phones to chat on, or needed to get to bed but family time is SO important!  Every little minute counts.  “This fast-paced game is the first ever Trivial Pursuit card game that combines questions and answers with the strategy of winning your wedges by stealing your opponents’ – all in a quick-play card game.”  I can hardly wait to get my family around the table to play this game.  Competition and stealing…should be fun!!

Retails for $6.99.  A fun little stocking stuffer!

Hasbro games can be found in TONS of locations.  Look for them in Target, KMart, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, and Trivia


Steal Card Game!

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