Make Your Nest Look Its Best! {Chickadee Vinyl Giveaway}

Chickadee Vinyl came about when stay-at-home-mom Stacy Wilson needed a creative outlet. Her passion, besides her family, is creating vinyl art. Inspiration comes to her from her family activities, and as a result, her vinyl art is fresh, unique, and chic!I received both the Cherry Blossom Window and Pear Vinyl Graphics to try out in my home. I was so inspired that I actually moved some furniture around and did a little decorating, the most I’ve ever done since moving into this house (my girls were born 3 weeks after we moved in!). So you can see how much I loved these designs from Chickadee Vinyl!The Cherry Blossom Window was perfect for me as Chinese New Year is coming up. On this console table in the dining room, I set out a vase of blossoms and tangerines, which are two traditional items you have in your home to welcome the new year as well as to welcome springtime. The Cherry Blossom Window was the finishing touch! I like how it brings the outdoors in.

I’ve always found my kitchen to be just a little too stark, but the Pear Vinyl Graphic stands out among the other little pops of color and feminine touches I’ve tried to incorporate. I like how Stacy took the concept of pears, which are a traditional image used in kitchen decor, and gave it a modern twist. The kitchen looks so much more complete now! Hey it only took me three years!Chickadee Vinyl graphics are so easy to apply. The Cherry Blossom Window was larger, so that took me about ten minutes, while the pears only took me about three minutes! It was so much fun that it didn’t even seem that long! My walls are textured in the dining room, and we used semi-gloss paint in the kitchen, but both were very easy to work with. All of Chickadee Vinyl’s designs are available in a wide array of colors and you can choose between a glossy or matte finish.

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