Because I Can’t Write On My Hand Anymore {Glow Baby Giveaway}

There was a time when all I had to worry about was myself. I rarely wrote anything down and I could remember where I had to be and at what time. But now I have to keep track of an entire family! Playdates, fundraisers, guy’s night, girl’s night, when are grandma and grandpa coming? I need help with this now!The Organized Family Calendar from Glow Baby is a great way to keep everyone’s schedule, write down to-do lists, and get everything done and get everyone there on time. It’s like a calendar and a journal in one place.

Check out the Organized Family Calendar’s features:

• 12 month calendar runs
• Unique and stylish design includes both a 12 month calendar and 52 removable weekly planner pages
• Perfect for tracking each family members’ extra curricular activities, work and social schedules
• Weekly planner pages accommodates 6 individual schedules
• Opens to 14″ x 21.5”

I love how flexible the Organized Family Calendar allows you to be. We all have our ways of writing things down, and the weekly planner pages provide a starting point and you just fill in things the way you would like. I especially need help with keeping track of chores, and there’s a check-off column just for that too (feels good to check them off!). It really helps me plan the week. I think that’s far enough in advance for me…any more and I get overwhelmed. So I like this weekly system a lot. In addition, there’s a space for to-do’s and just to jot down things you need to remember (or want to remember…I know I’ll love to look back at it at the end of the year!).Glow Baby offers many other products to help keep your family organized as well, such as baby journals (available in an adorable gift basket) and note pads. The Organized Family Calendar and all these other cute and helpful products are available at Glow Baby or these in-store and online retailers.

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