Animal Bag! {Boon, Inc. Giveaway}

The dictionary will tell you that Boon (noun); is a benefit bestowed to somebody, especially one given in response to a request. All of our products are a boon to parents and children.


Our thing is problem solving and ingenuity, and simple yet effective design is our passion. Boon is a leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of infant and baby products. We are driven by a strong desire to create modern products that help simplify parent’s lives while retaining their personal style. And 10% of Boon’s profit are donated to benefit children’s charities. ~Boon, Inc.If you have children, you need the Boon Animal Bag, for stuffed animal storage! As soon as I laid eyes on this amazing product, I knew it belonged in our house! My children love their stuffed animals and they seem to have more than we can count. I was almost to the point of loading them up in trash bags and putting them in the attic for storage because they were driving me so crazy all over the house. I am so glad that I didn’t and I am so happy Boon,Inc generously sent us one of their gray Animal Bags! We immediately fit so many of Ava’s less played with stuffed animals into the Animal Bag and zipped it up. The zipper is easy enough she can get into it and close it up when she’s done, so her toys are always accessible to her. It has also become one of her favorite sitting spots when she is playing, the outside is just so soft and fuzzy and when it’s full of her animals it is just such a cozy little seat. She seems to love plopping down on the animal bag while working on puzzles or playing with toys on the floor. She has even curled up on it to relax a time or two. The Animal Bag is an awesome solution to a storage problem I hear so many mom’s talking about! Finally, a smart and simple storage solution for your child’s favorite furry toys!

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