Best Paint Color Ideas For Bathrooms

While many bathroom designers and interior design buffs have cast bold colours aside in recent years in favour of minimalist black and white, there are still some people who prefer a zesty splash of good colour to monochromatic classics. Whilst black and white – traditionally the most timeless of bathroom templates colors – radiates clean and contemporary, it can limit individuality and become rather bland, especially if other small areas of the home are host to similar colour schemes. Switching to a bright and bold colour scheme can immediately transform any bathroom, creating a lighter and happier atmosphere.

It can be cost effective too, as there’s no need to change the tiling or even the wallpaper or paint; a few simple additions and changes can form a whole new illuminating colour scheme for your bathroom. Of course, if you’re craving a complete makeover then freshly painting the walls or wooden panelling or replacing the flooring can be valuable but the décor of the room can be changed without the hassle if needs be. Here, the creative minds from   give us an insight into the hottest, brightest and boldest colour schemes for 2014.

Green and White this Zen-inspired theme can be easily added to any average white bathroom by carefully accessorising. Green is a great colour for energising a room, so the bathroom is a great place to add the lively shade. If you have any wooden shelving or mounted cabinets, paint them a mint colour, and hang a green coloured wall feature. Finish off with pastel green soap dispensers and a green bath mat, and the room will feel more alive instantly.

Blue and Yellow pastel or sky blue has long been an established bathroom colour, but adding a yellow twist will make it much bolder. Paint one wall either blue or yellow, and place a vase with a flower of the opposite colour on a shelf on the same wall. Boxed shelving will look playful, with a variety of blue and yellow decorations such as petals, pebbles and empty bottles. If you’re feeling even more creative, paint a chest of drawers the opposite colour to the wall, and paint the knobs the same shade as the wall.

Red and Brown – although brown isn’t the brightest colour choice, the red will counteract it to create a lavish décor and peaceful atmosphere. Opt for dark wooden features and flooring if possible, with brown, beige or neutral wall colours. Use the splash of red carefully, less is more when it comes to this particular colour scheme. Place a bright red bathmat in the centre, and try and find objects with hints of red, such as a wall mirror surround by red mosaic pieces. A pile of red towels in a brown wicker basket will set the designs off perfectly. For more red bathrooms ideas, try the Rightmove Bathroom Ideas gallery.

These quirky colour schemes have the potential to completely transform and illuminate any bathroom, whatever the size of the room. So which one will you choose? Whatever you go for, remember that you always swap out accessories when you get bored to transform the look in an instant and most things can be done without the need for expensive professionals. Check out for tips and tutorials for everything from painting tiles to resealing the bath. Debbie Fletcher is an enthusiastic, experienced writer who has written for a range of difference magazines and news publications.

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