Top Tips To Prevent A Fire In Your Home

Thousands of people are killed or injured in house fires every year. However, with a few simple tips, you can make your home more secure and avoid such a tragic event.

How to prevent house fire :

1. Take a Look Around

Take a tour around your house and see if you can identify areas where a fire could occur. Those exposed wires or curtains hanging in front of a candle will be easy to spot, but other potential hazards are not so obvious. To rest assured contact your local Fire Brigade unit. Many now make house visits to complete a full fire inspection free of charge.

2. Pay Attention When Cooking

One of the key reasons for fires in the kitchen is when pots and pans are left unguarded on the hob. A simple overspill can cause a fire which can soon get out of hand. If something is cooking on the hob there should be a responsible individual present to keep the area safe and take immediate action should a situation arise. Many fires in the home start when individuals decide to cook while under the influence of drink or drugs or are fatigued. If you are not fully alert then leave cooking until a better time. Have a cold snack from the fridge or pop to the local takeaway. Even if it costs a bit more, it could save you a fortune inĀ fire repairsĀ in the long run.

3. Take Care When Smoking

Falling asleep while having a cigarette is still one of the key triggers of fire in the home today. Whether you are tired or under the influence, always refrain from lighting up when you not fully awake. If you are desperate, take your cigarette outside. If you do smoke inside, always use an ashtray and ensure the cigarette is fully stubbed out before disposal. Use water to dampen the ash to make sure no embers reignite.

4. Check Your Appliances

Overloading electrical sockets with multiple appliances can be deadly. Maintain a low ratio of plugs to sockets and use earthed extensions if absolutely necessary. Ensure that appliances are in good working order and not left on unnecessarily. Both dishwashers and washing machines remain hot after a cycle has finished and should be turned off immediately. Program your appliances to complete their cycle only when you are there to turn them off. Do not use timed programs to come on in the night when you are asleep unless it will fully shut down the appliance after it has finished.

5. Take Care with Fires

No fire should ever be left unattended in the home. It only takes a small breeze for a piece of debris to fly and start a potential catastrophe. Pay particular attention to electric fires which can generate sufficient heat to start a fire through contact as well as open fires which can spit out igniting sparks. Ensure all fires and chimneys are serviced regularly and check for leaks and cracks which could causes potential harm and use a fire guard wherever possible.

6. Don’t Let the Holiday Season Make You Sloppy

Just because it is a season to celebrate doesn’t mean you should take your eye off of the ball. If you are using any candles or oil lamps within your home ensure they are protection at all times and never left unguarded. Teach young children not to play with matches and that dangerous items should not be touched. Turn off all fairy lights when leaving the room and blow out all candles. Decorations are incredibly flammable and it only takes a few moments for the worst to happen. By keeping your wits about you and using your common sense, it is possible to avoid the potential devastating consequences of a house fire and keep your home safety and sound.

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