Add Pizzazz to Your Lifestyle With Beautiful Home Interiors!

Your home is a reflection of your persona – it is almost a mirror that shows anyone who steps inside who you really are. Sombre or eclectic, monochrome or full of colours – each house has a story to tell. It becomes an inseparable part of your persona and hence a distinct part of your lifestyle too.

But have you ever wondered if you are as careful about the image of your home, as you are about the image of your own personality?! You perhaps buy the latest designer garments and accessories, you may have even taken special care of your grooming and presentability – but, what have you done for the space that nests you? What have you done for your home’s interiors? Giving your home an elegant uplift can boost your mood and confidence too – ever pondered on that?! You could have a great home that may even catch the fancy of a Photographer in Wolverhampton.

Tips to create a beautiful home for a better lifestyle!

It is the age of Social Media influencers. Everyone flaunts what they love in various Social Media channels. Pinterest and Instagram have increased the significance of quality images manifold. In the digital era, it is not difficult or expensive to host a blog or website. Professional photographers and even commoners like you and me can exhibit their beautiful pictures online without much ado. Have you ever seen even those amazing interior design photos by Andy Gore Photography? They can simply give you loads of ideas to pep up your own home. Want some basic ideas to add elements of interest to your home? Read on!


Colours are what set the stage background – they harbour all your furniture, accents and furnishings. Naturally, you can go any way you like with them. Make them stand out to make a focal point out of them, or make them fade away to highlight your other prized possessions. They give you the flexibility to make them as invisible or as noticeable as you want them to be. So naturally choose them with care. Today the paint world is full of options – from glossy to matte, from textured to wall art – you can use colours in various innovative ways.


Furniture consists of a major part of your decor. Naturally proper planning is needed to incorporate them. Planning the placement and also the style of furniture should depend on – your taste, the size of the area available, the look you are trying to achieve, and the functionality you want. Heavy furniture in a small space would make it look even smaller. For a small space try to blend the furniture with the surroundings, that would give an illusion of more space. Traffic area should be kept free and placement planned accordingly. Furniture should also depend on the type of property you have – a French country cottage would look out of place if decorated with contemporary pieces, while an industrial loft look would look untoward if done up in Victorian style heavy pieces. In contemporary interior design, you can take the liberty of mixing up styles, but only if you know how to blend them together. Material wise, again, the choices are endless – from wooden to acrylic, from metal to stone – you shall get spoilt.


Natural or artificial – lights play an important role in home decor. Daylight is proven by scientists to uplift mood. Allow proper penetration of light – you may consider skylights or wall to wall windows if you have the space. When buying light fixtures, it is difficult not to get carried away with the variety available – keep the functionality and style of your home in mind before you finalise. Candles and fireplaces can also create the mood and provide a warm glow to your home, apart from providing light.

Paintings and Frames

Art should be chosen according to taste – the art should mean something to you, should speak to you in a way to make an entry to your home. Too less art would make a space look incomplete, while too much would make it look cluttered — balance is the key. Wall decor can also comprise of framed mirrors and family pictures. When you hang art on your walls, choose the height with care so that it attracts attention.


Accessories add charm and personality to any space. They not only tell the onlookers a lot about the owner, but also add a feel-good factor – and let’s not forget functionality. A clock or a wicker basket (as an additional storage) can be both fabulous and functional. This is your opportunity to showcase all the memorabilia collected during vacations, or the gifts that you received over the years. Here too balance is the key, as too much of anything would make the space look disorganised.

Home Furnishings

Textiles add warmth, colour and pattern to your living space making it look inviting and homely. Ceiling to floor curtains add a sense of drama, while roman blinds offer crisp functionality without using too much fabric or space. Whether it is your rug, throw pillow, blanket or bed-linen – each element plays a crucial role in turning a house into a home. Furnishings are what makes the space look more lived in.

With these tips, you can surely create a superb style statement for your home, that would become an owner’s pride and pleasure.

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