How To Install Suspended Ceiling

Stretch ceiling

A technique long ago won the affection of so many buyers. With it’s easy to create in house a special charm, a certain originality to inform the room. installation of s Clips (seamless stretch clipso) is within a few hours, with no need to make all pieces of furniture from the room, except that, after installation there is no dust and dirt and does not require capital-cleaning.


For proper fixation of a stretch ceiling for apartments, first at the right level to attach special guides, and the system can be completely different, including the complex ones. For all work carried out is warranted, the necessary repair work will also be carried out by specialists of the company. Before you begin the manufacture of a stretch ceiling for a particular premises is required to conduct the measurements.

Suspended Ceiling

Today the Company

The manufacturers offer suspended ceilings for rooms with high humidity – bathrooms, kitchens, saunas, etc., the canvas of similar products made using special additives. A special manufacturing technique that involves covering the ceiling, it will be for change when high humidity and temperatures. Until the emergence of special coatings of conventional high ceilings polyvinyl chloride (PVC stretch ceiling textures: matte, satin and gloss), which had a seam that has been very unreliable for bathrooms. Upgrading technology, creating new, modern manufacturing techniques make it possible to ceilings, which have no seams, surface is absolutely smooth.

Installation of ceiling structures can be realized so as to hide underneath all communications systems – it’s very convenient and gives the room a completed and neat appearance. It is also possible to perform complex ceiling systems with different levels, any shape, the ceiling can be placed at any convenient height. Probably, many residents of apartment buildings known as a problem of water leaking from the flat top. Waterproof any color suspended ceilings (suspended ceilings installation and setup in the photo) fully cope with the issue of preventing the penetration of moisture into the room, as the ability to withstand a huge amount of water.

Suspended Ceiling System

For example, allowed the problem of lack of tenants, even going on vacation can be quiet for the property as one meter can contain more than one hundred gallons of water. Film of polyester resins will help to keep the suspended ceiling for any room from getting wet, thanks to this after the elimination of water in the room will again be beautiful and completely smooth ceiling. Ceiling construction for wet areas will serve a long time, and even the warm air and liquid drops can not break the surface. Ensure proper acoustics – is one of the first goals, for which all began to use false ceilings. To properly address this issue you will need professional help.

Particular attention must be paid here to the many complex elements. Acoustic parameters will vary depending on the type of flooring, furniture, and the number of people staying there is usually a function room, etc. Finally, to determine whether the “unnecessary” sounds you will need to suppress if he could isolate (sound absorption and Sound). The point is that some of they will no longer occur in the room and spread through the air from the source. Others will “attack” by means of construction materials, which make up the building (the source is located behind the wall) – these must be isolated. Sometimes you need to be fit both of these properties. Excessive damping of any noise will also cause discomfort and unnatural, the deathly silence.

Types Of Ceiling

  • T bar ceiling
  • Tin ceiling panels
  • Cedar ceiling
  • Usg ceilings
  • Stretch ceiling
  • False ceiling

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