10 Healthy Snacks that Your Kids would Love to See in their Backpacks

When it comes to feeding your kids, it is always a good idea to prep healthy snacks that they can also enjoy. The one thing that you need to remember when packing snacks for your kids is to avoid all forms of processed foods; here’s how to differentiate between the two, if you had bought an item at the store, then chances are that it is processed. So, it would be better to pack in healthy snacks, of the non-processed sort for your kids and they would love them as well. Here are some of the top selections,

  • Yoghurt: It is always a good idea to pack in yoghurt because it is organic and happens to be loaded with calcium as well as essential nutrients. Calcium is essential for building bones and it is something that your kid would need since he is growing up. You can pack in a serving of high fat, natural yoghurt with some fresh-cut fruits and add in a drizzle of honey for the perfect snack.
  • Celery, Peanut Butter and Raisins: This is yet another perfect snack; all you need to take is a stalk of celery, cut it into four pieces, add peanut butter to the mix and then drop raisins on the same. This is a neat way to make your kid eat vegetables and ensure that he gets the required proteins, including fat and vitamins. Just check online for healthy snack foods and you should see celery featured in the top 10.
  • Nuts: Nuts are high in healthy fats, and they also happen to contain fibre and antioxidants as well. Just take care that when your kids consume nuts, someone older is nearby- to preempt any choking.
  • Trail Mix: This is a healthy snack and most of it happens to be organic as well. If your kid is not allergic to nuts, he would enjoy this healthy snack.
  • Sliced Pears with Ricotta: This is yet another healthy and tasty treat; you can cut up a pear and mix it along with some ricotta. That’s it.
  • Cottage Cheese: Cottage cheese is a must, as this soft chewy cheese happens to be loaded with various vitamins and nutrients such as Selenium, Vitamin B12, and Calcium. You can Google Healthy snack box, Australia and you should see that Cottage cheese ranks right near the top
  • Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a healthy snack both for kids and adults alike; it comes loaded with fibre which is quite effective in removing the toxins from your body, Moreover, it also happens to come with soluble fibre which is a plus. 
  • Cheese: A cheese often forms a healthy snack mainly because it happens to be loaded with both protein and fat. Cheese especially provides kids with essential dietary protein which is essential for their growth and that is all the more reason for you to pack in the same.
  • Fruit Smoothie: Fruits come loaded with essential vitamins, proteins and minerals; different fruits contain various enrichments which is why you may want to opt to make a smoothie. With a smoothie, you should be able to provide your kid with a vitamin and protein-enriched breakfast or lunch, and your kid would love to eat the same as well.
  • Eggs: It is essential that your child consumes some boiled eggs each day; each boiled egg comes loaded with riboflavin, selenium and B12. These are quite essential for your kid as he grows up which is why you may want to pack in a few boiled eggs along with the rest of the lunch.

These are some of the food items that you can prep and pack them in the bag for your kid. And remember, that all the snacks in question must be organic, non-processed (except butter) and you and your kids would be just fine. And the great thing about the snacks listed above is that you can change the recipe as per your preference – there is no set rule that you have to follow the recipe listed here to the letter. Good luck.


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