Bathroom Redo Vanity

I knew when I started redoing my bathroom, that it would look more complete and finished if I did it all rather than just doing the walls.   The stencil was a great place to start, but it wasn’t going to be enough.  I wanted to go bold…go bold or go home, right??  I have friends that have painted their vanity’s and that has always made me nervous to think about.  You know, if you paint your walls and don’t like them, you just repaint.  What happens if you paint your vanity and don’t like it??  It was a risk I was willing to take!  I was given the goods to refinish my vanity from Annie Sloan.

Chalk Paint® is a unique decorative paint developed by Annie Sloan in 30 decorative and historical colours made specifically for painting furniture, painting floors, and for giving walls a completely matt, velvety finish.
Chalk Paint® sticks to just about any surface… wood, concrete, metal, matt plastic, earthenware and much more, inside and outside the home. It dries fast too so you can add second or third coats quickly, and start enjoying your revitalised walls, floors and furniture sooner. Gorgeous results have never been so simple and straightforward.

My vanity was stock BLAH that came with the house.  I haven’t ever loved it, but it worked.  It was practical, and cheap…cheap looking, too.  It was time for a change.  I loved that the Annie Sloan Paint doesn’t require any sanding.  I hate sanding!  It is SO messy, not to mention time consuming.  I loved that I was able to paint right over the existing wood with this paint.   I started by pulling all of the drawers out and taking the doors off.

I hauled everything out to the garage and gave it a good coat of paint.   I used the Annie Sloan paint brush instead of a roller and Holy Hannah!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!  It is big and fat, super easy to use.  You can still get in the corners, even though it is so bit.  The color of paint I chose was Graphite.  I know, I said go bold or go home.   Since I had never painted wood like this, I was trying to be safe.    After I let it dry, a second coat of paint was added.  I expected it to go on more black than it did in the first coat, but once the second coat was on, it was much darker.  Once it was dry, I added a thin coat of Soft Wax to each drawer or door.  I started out using too much wax and ended up just taking a dry wash cloth and going over it again to remove some of the extra wax.  I then sanded all of the edges of the drawers and of the vanity base.  (I know in the picture the colors don’t match up, but the last 2 are of a drawer that is standing on end, so the light hit it different than the doors…it’s all the same color though.  Don’t worry!!)  Once everything was sanded, I added a second coat of wax.
I had Josh put on the drawer pulls that I just found at Home Depot ($1.98 each).  That was I job that turned out to be a little more difficult that I thought.
Ready for the finished product??

I am so in love with my bathroom!!  I am not sure if you noticed, but I also used the Chalk Paint and Soft Wax on the frame that I created around my mirror.  To do that, I just used molding-like base board-and painted it, 2 coats (make sure you paint both sides because you can see the reflection of the back of the board in the mirror).  I had my hubby cut the boards at 45 degree angles, like you would for a frame.  We originally had it stapled together, but the frame stood too far out from the mirror, so we pulled it down and attached the top and bottom to the mirror with liquid nails and just wedged the sides in good and tight so they wouldn’t move.    The base boards cost me $24…I am sure you could do it cheaper, but I am not good at angles and what can be used where, so I just got 4 6′ pieces and now have left overs.

Did I mention that I LOVE my bathroom!?  
Stay tuned for part 3 of the bathroom makeover!!

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