Bathing Suit Beauty {Diviine Modestee Giveaway}

Spring is just about here!  This is the perfect time to start working on your summer body and to find a great swimming suit.  That is right, I said the dreaded words…SWIMMING SUIT!  If you are like me, these two little words can bring some mighty big tears to your eyes.Finding the perfect swimming suit is difficult.  It is too low cut, too high cut, not the right material, too revealing…the list goes on and on.  For me, I don’t have the best middle section so I like to keep it to myself.  I like to keep strangers eyes on my face and not my gut.  However, I don’t like one piece suits because I have a long torso…long torso in a short torso suit equals wedgie!  Therefore, I go to the tankini.  Again, because I have a long torso I have a hard time finding a top that covers that lower abdomen roll I have going on.  When I heard about Diviine Modestee my heart stopped for a second.  Finally, suits that are tankinis with long tops and bottoms that do what they should…cover my bottom.Diviine Modestee, a Utah based business, carries clothes that give you style and confidence.  They have a swim suit line that is out of this world!  They are modest swim suits that are made out of super thick and soft material.  Each suit is lined to prevent becoming see though when wet.  Design your own suit to match your style by picking which top and which bottom you like.  Don’t know which style will best suit your body?  Use their swim suit shape guidelines to help you pick out a flattering suit.

Here are a couple of suits I designed that I am dying to have:

This is the Teal Starburst Ruffle V-Neck Halter with a Cocoa Brown Ruched bottom.Luckily the store front for Diviine Modestee is just down the street from where I live so I have seen this up close in person.  It isn’t so much teal as it is green.  I love it!  The ties on the bottom can be adjusted to a bikini bottom or a midrise bottom.This is the Raspberry/Cocoa Ruched with Sash top paired with the Cocoa Brown Banded Midrise bottoms.I love the color of this pink top!  It is sure to make you look super tan.  The ruching on the top is flattering for any tummy.  The banded midrise bottoms help support your stomach.This is the Bubbles Banded Halter Top matched with the Purple Ruffle Bikini bottoms.This bubbles material is so cute!  I like the banded halter top because it gives you definition between your chest and your stomach.  Also, if you look closely you will notice pleats at the bottom of the cup just above the purple band.  This gives the illusion of added fullness.   Now THAT is a suit created by a woman!  The bottoms are complete with feminine ruffles on the sides.Diviine Modestee allowed me to design my very own suit fit just for my style.  This was hard to make a decision because everything is adorable.  After much debate and a few opinions from co-workers I went with the Purple Dots Ruffle Halter top and Purple Dots Banded Midrise bottoms.  They fit perfectly and cover up everything I don’t want strangers seeing. Here is a close up of the top.  Look how cute those ruffles are!  This is a great top for big chested women.  The halter provides great support.  Also, I really appreciate how it isn’t low cut.  I like to keep some things to myself, you know.The back is cut high.

This allows you to still get a great tan but doesn’t expose too much to the world.The bottoms are the highest cut to help lengthen the leg.  Great for me because I have muscular dancer legs.  In the back it is full coverage.  Perfect for me because I love my ice cream but don’t need the world to know that.The waist band is the highest height.  This is perfect for tummy control and minimizing hips.  But look!  It can be folded down to provide comfort for those of us who struggle with things sitting up to high on our waist.Not only do I love the styles and materials of Diviine Modestee swimming suits, I love that you can mix and match them!  Buy a pair of plain bottoms and match it with several different tops and vice versa!  This is a great way to keep your summer pool side wear different without having to own 15 different suits.  I will be a loyal customer for sure!  It is nice to not have spend hours searching for the perfect suit.

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