At The Gym Mobling Is Mobetter

Once I found out that I was pregnant with Blake I decided things were going to be different this time around.  I was going to have a healthier pregnancy and not eat mac n’ cheese at 10 am and wash it down with ice cream like the first time.  Then once I had Blake I felt better than I did after having Beckham so I decided I was going to bounce back faster and better.  I made my mind up that my new motto was “Better Than Before”.  After having Beckham I decided to lose 50 lbs.  and I did.  This time I am starting lighter and I decided I was going to lose 50 lbs. again.  Better than before, here I come!MoBlingDesigns jumped on board my desire to be better than before.  I have said it before and I will continue to say it…looking cute at the gym is a must.  I am not talking about having my hair and makeup done because that doesn’t happen but cute clothes…A MUST!  MoBlingDesigns has some freakin’ cute workout tanks!  You are going to want to wear gym clothes more than you are wearing normal clothes.MoBlingDesigns is run by Monica from Missouri.  She makes everything herself.  She places every stone, presses every shirt, and sends them out to customers.  All of her materials are high quality.  Plus!  She will make you exactly what you want.  You can pick the color, shirt, saying, color of stone…name it, you got it, she can bling it!

Monica created the best tank for me.  First of all, it is bright pink!  LOVE THAT!  It is like wearing happiness.  Second of all, it is a burnout tank.  Cute, trendy, breathable.  Third, it sparkles!!  And best of all, it was made just for me.  It says “Better Than Before”.  Monica took my new motto and turned it into a motivational tank top.  Now every time I am at the gym and I feel like I can’t do those last 5 burpies I can look in the mirror and remind myself what all the sweat is for. This bright pink tank is racerback style.  Monica uses the Next Level apparel tanks because they are high quality.  I have a copy of Next Level apparel tanks and they wash up so nicely.  The color stays vibrant and doesn’t bleed on other clothes.  Also the material gets softer and softer with each wash.  I am glad this is the brand this tank is made on.  The letters are black sparkly, white sparkly, and silver sparkly.  It is sparkly vinyl so you don’t have to worry about getting covered in glitter.  Although it is a burnout tank it isn’t see-through.  I mean, I am wearing a neon yellow sports bra and you can’t see it under the letters.I love this burnout tank.  It is so me.  I can’t wait until it gets baggy on me.  That is when I know when it is working.  That is when I will be better than before.  This tank retails for $25.  Tanks from MoBlingDesigns would make great gifts, team tanks for a 5K, or motivation at the gym.  With the holidays just around the corner, pick on up for your favorite workout buddy.  Shoot!  Add one to your Christmas list and ask Santa to bring one to you!!

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