An Amazing 3D World Amazing World Review And Giveaway

Growing up I loved playing video games.  It all started with Atari.  I loved playing Monkey Math, Pacman, and SpyHunter.  I played these until I had a blister on my thumb.  Then I played Nintendo and Game Boy, but only at my hair dressers house because it was too expensive for my family.  I thought I had the coolest hair dresser in the world.  Then my sister and I saved our money and bought our very own Super Nintendo.  We played it all day.  We couldn’t stop until the game was beat.  We had tons of games.  Then I hit middle school and gaming stopped for me because I was so involved in extra curricular things.  But, just this last year, my hubby bought me an XBox…for the dance games.

Gaming definitely has it’s good points and it’s bad points. The benefits of gaming are things like eye-hand coordination, learning math and reading skills, learning how to be a good loser, creative skills, and problem solving skills.  Although there are benefits there can also be a negative side if gaming isn’t monitored. Games need to be age appropriate and time monitored.  Playing too long can damage social skill and physical fitness levels. Lastly, gaming can also get very expensive.“A growing body of university research suggests that gaming improves creativity, decision-making and perception.” Amazing World is a new, free-to-play game that allows kids to be creative, discover new things, and make friends in a controlled environment. It is easy to sign up. Just go to and pick a generic Zing.

A Zing is an avatar that lives in the colorful 3D world of Amazing World.  You can even name them and customize them! Amazing World is suitable for ages 6 and up.  During the game you can take care of your Zing, chat with other players, play games, win prizes, and make the Zing and their homes just how you want them. Check out this cool video to learn more about Amazing World! Amazing World also has plush Zing toys.  These give you a virtual representation of the toy and will give you exclusive prizes!  There is big potential with Amazing World.  Play for free or unlock more possibilities by purchasing a subscription. ( 3 months is $7.95/mo, 6 months is $6.65/mo, 1 year is $5/mo)

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