Potty Training Woes? SuperUndies To The Rescue! {SuperUndies Giveaway}

My girls are on the homestretch on their potty training journey! We’re good at home but they are still afraid of going potty when we go out, and I realized we would need some potty training pants. So reluctantly, I bought some disposable pull-up training pants. Then I heard about Super Undies, the super cloth alternative!Disposable diapers and training pants take their toll on the environment, and some also think that disposable training pants are actually a hindrance rather than a help in the potty training department. Then there’s the cost to consider! So I was more than happy to give Super Undies a try! We were sent two pairs of Super Undies Pull-On Undies Training Pants for review. They look a lot more like regular underwear compared to the disposable kind (my girls call the disposable ones “diapers” but they call Super Undies “underwear” so there’s your evidence!). A medium fit the girls just right and they were really easy to pull on and off. We have used them when we go out during the day and they’re really absorbent. They are also machine washable so they’re very convenient as well.

I have always wished that I used cloth diapers on my girls (everyone said there was no way with twins, but thinking back, I think could have done it). Now I feel like I have a second chance with these cloth training pants. In addition, my girls like to wear them and consider them more grown-up like underwear. So Super Undies really do save the day!Here’s where to buy SuperUndies, and you can get a 10% Discount when you use the code “realmoms”.

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