Ahoy There Super Pop Up Pirate

I love being able to spend time with my kids! Having younger children can create a dilemma when I am trying to find something that they will like to do together that does not take a long period of time. They don’t have the patience for long games yet. Super Pop Up Pirate by Tomy is perfect for younger children! It keeps them entertained and is easy for them to understand.

How The Game Works:

Push the pirate into the barrel.Each player picks out their favorite color of swords.Then take turns putting swords into barrel.Be careful… you never know when the pirate will pop up!Players will be eliminated from the game when their sword makes the pirate up up.Last player wins!2-4 players, ages 4+My kids laughed when the pirate popped up! I never get tired of watching their faces light up. They played this game over and over again. There is a mechanism inside the barrel that makes the pirate pop up changes each time. I love that I did not have to have batteries for this game; otherwise I would need to keep several on hand!


  • 1 barrel
  • 1 pirate
  • 24 swords

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