7 Tips for an Efficient Estate Cleanout!

There are many cases that could crop up in one’s life that will require a total House Clearing job inside and outside a home. These are usually any one of the following scenarios — a major lifestyle change, downsizing from family home to retirement village or apartment living, moving to an Aged Care facility, a divorce, or separation, or the death of a loved one — the loss of a family member is unfortunately the most common and emotionally hurtful. After the loss of a loved one, the family members will generally look at Selling or Renting the Home.

After the loss of a loved one, the last thing many families want to do is clean out old furniture, belongings, and garbage from their estate. And when dealing with death, all our decisions are driven by emotions. This often leads to wrong choices and mistakes. That’s why you need the help of Comprehensive services required for a Professional Deceased Estate clean up, and Tim & Tina Home Declutter & Clearing specialise in just that. They offer tailored solutions of either partial or full clearing, inside and outside the home including sheds and garages, cleaning (domestic, carpet, window, grout), and other property preparation services, and cater to the needs of clients.

Tips and tricks to carry out a Deceased Estate Home Clearing task

The task of Clearing out a home (furniture, contents in cupboards in kitchens, laundries, clothes and contents in wardrobes and drawers in all rooms in the house etc.) can be daunting and challenging. This is why it is important that you get the help of a well-known and reputable Home Decluttering & Clearing Company in Melbourne. Here are seven tips to help you manage this stressful task prior to using the Services of a Professional Home Clearing and Decluttering Company.

  • Set aside important documents: Your first task is to locate and set aside any key financial documents such as wills, trusts related docs, life insurance policies, real estate deeds or titles, bank statements, tax returns, receipts etc. These are very crucial documents, and are necessary for further financial situations in life. So, keep these in a known place.
  • Pay attention: Take your time to look for those items that are valuable and sentimental. If you cannot find items due to the volume of items in the home make sure you find a reputable Clearing Business that we keep an inventory of valuable and sentimental items that are found so they can be returned to the family.
  • Share with family: Now, a very important thing that needs to be done before the House Clearing job begins if for the family members to get together and to decide what they want to keep and will be taken from the home.
  • Keep photos / sentimental items: Photos and other sentimental items are priceless and irreplaceable for family members. So,do your best to find each and every photo album, scrapbooks, handmade stuff etc. as a tangible link to people who you can’t have the privilege to meet again. A reputable and Professional Clearing Company should also always put these items aside for the family if found.
  • Donate furniture / books / clothing: Unwanted items still in good condition can be donated to Charity and this is a service that a good Home Clearing Company will arrange. It should be noted that Charity Organisations will not take scratched or stained furniture, and clothes and books also need to be in saleable condition. If not these items will need to go into Skip bins / rubbish removal.
  • Selling unwanted items: When getting the Home Clearing Business to come around to look at the property and provide a quote see if they can come up with Solutions to sell some of the unwanted, but Saleable items still in the home or garage.
  • Hire Home Clearers: Hiring a professional Home Clearing Company after the loss of a loved one will take a weight off your mind. The Home will be Cleared, Cleaned to be ready for Sale or Rental.

These are just some of the things that you need to think of when it comes time to Declutter or Clear a Deceased Estate. The Rubbish Removal, and all the logistics to get the job done so you are 100% Satisfied can be left to the Clearing Company to worry about.

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