4 Tips For Being A Good Partner During Quarantine

Being quarantined for days, weeks, and months can cause even the strongest relationship to crack. The significant increase in spending time indoors, feeling trapped with no escape, and the fear of the unknown has left people frustrated, angry, and impatient. 

But, you don’t have to sweat it. The human brain is inexplicably complicated and uniquely equipped to build a coping mechanism in times of uncertainty and difficulties. Therefore, understanding that the heightened sense of anxiety and tension between relationships is inevitable is important. Because only then will we be able to navigate through these unprecedented times better.

4 Tips that Can Help You Become a Better Partner During the Quarantine.

Do Things Apart And Lay Down Some Ground Rules 

Just because you are sharing the roof with someone doesn’t mean you have to do everything together. “Me Time” is essential, and that’s why you must create your personal space to do something that gives you happiness and sanity every day. 

Moreover, ensure you give enough space to your partner too. If you feel that they are invading your space 24*7, lay some ground rules, and discuss them. 

Furthermore, design your day in a way that both of you get to spend some time together, apart from cooking in the kitchen and doing household chores. 

Creating a rigid routine and including some “me-time” in it can help you and your partner maintain calm and feel at ease. It also ensures that one person is not overburdened by work.

Never React When You Feel Frustrated

Due to the increase in stress levels more than ever, practicing patience at all times becomes challenging. That’s true. But, right now, it is all the more required.

That said, whenever you get in an argument with your partner or feel frustrated, take a deep breath, and put yourself in their shoes. Try to understand things from their perspective too. Probably, they are also feeling frustrated and angry. 

So, better than getting wrapped in your own experience, take a step back and reassure them that things will eventually fall in place. 

Try To Communicate Effectively

Effective communication is key. 

Although arguments and brawls are inevitable when you are physically occupying the same space as someone else, but sometimes, these arguments turn into name-calling and huge fights. It happens when feelings are suppressed, and unresolved issues build up over time.

That’s why you must talk it out. And by this, we don’t mean speaking whatever comes in your mind without keeping other people’s feelings in mind. But avoiding common communication pitfalls and discussing things in a compassionate manner.

Instead of using generalized statements like “you always do this”, “you never care”, make sure you start your sentences with “I”. Something like “I would like it if you could clean the kitchen after cooking”,” I get really bothered by a messy environment” can help them understand your viewpoint better.

Check-In On Them Throughout The Day

Not literally. Don’t bug them throughout the day. But take some time out to see how your partner is coping with everything going on in their life.

Just because they don’t tell you how they are feeling doesn’t mean they are feeling okay. Such assumptions lead to fights and bickering. So, whenever you think it is the best time to talk to them, check-in and start a casual conversation. 

Also, if you feel you are being too pushy, ask them about it upfront. If you both communicate honestly, things will become easier to handle.

Final Thoughts

Feeling anxious and stressed in such difficult times is normal. Fostering positivity and lending a helping hand can prove beneficial. In addition to that, consulting a psychic can give you mental peace and sanity.

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