Why should you invest in a Walking Foot Sewing Machine for your Industrial Needs?

First things first, what is a walking foot sewing machine? This is basically a straight stick machine, which is designed to sew together layers of heavy and dense fabric without crumpling the seams. It’s perfect for denim, canvas, leather, upholstery, and vinyl industries.

The feet of this sewing machine a.k.a. the flat piece surrounding the needle, comprises two parts, that move distinctly from one another leading to even feeding. There are several benefits of using the industrial walking foot sewing machine. Sewing Machines Australia  is one such company that provides these machines, spare parts, as well as accessories all over Australia. The triple feed mechanism is the one, which is most commonly used in the walking foot machines. This ensures that the stitches, even on a thick or slippery material, remain even and well-aligned.

Reasons to use a walking foot machine

It’s not that you wake up one fine morning, and decide to invest in a walking foot machine for your industry. There are a lot of thoughts and planning that goes behind it. And the following benefits are which will help you take a better decision. So read on. And also, don’t forget to order stuff like industrial sewing machine thread along with the machine.

Higher Foot-Lift

 This comes to your advantage, especially when your work involves the sewing up of heavy and thick materials. The sole ability to pass that extra 1-2 mm under the foot is considered to be a great relief.

Built-In Foot

This is considered to be the greatest advantage of a walking foot machine over other sewing machines. The built-in walking foot helps to steadily and stealthily feed the fabric, while it’s pulling the fabric from the bottom. Its effective coordination, thus, results in the uniform feeding of the fabric.


When you are engaged in commercial production, you can’t go about wasting time with machines that can’t sew on multiple layers of material. This machine eliminates the hassles of the painstaking pinning-your-materials process. It is fully capable of evenly feeding the materials, with limited slippage.

Mini but potential full-sized machine

The walking foot machine is like a mini full sized industrial sewing machine and the motor is generally fixed at the back-end. You can simply grab this portable machine and carry it around. And it weighs as little as about 35 pounds.


Typically, walking foot machines are highly durable. Even though they are made of cast iron, all parts are fully metallic. This helps it to serve us for many years to come. But, make sure that, while you are investing in one of these, do buy a genuine and authentic one with heavy-duty parts.


Owing to the companies as mentioned above, these machines have turned out to be highly affordable with increasing years and advanced technology. So, these not only serve as efficient investments but also require minimum capital for it. Hence, this is not only a win-win situation for businesses or industrialists, but also for sewing enthusiasts all over the globe.

So, these were few of the crucial factors to note, that increase the worthiness of the walking foot machines. These advocate as to why you should at all invest in one of these. It is one of the hidden gems in the world of sewing machines. Trust us, you won’t regret buying a walking foot machine, provided you choose the correct seller.

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