Laser eye surgery complications: Rare and Resolved

Have you heard of the story “When Laser Eye Surgery Goes wrong”? Most probably not! The reason is not that it does not exist, but because of the fact that possibility of such an occurrence is extremely rare. So rare that people hardly remember that it exists at all. But, it can happen sometimes! Do not worry; many may put the fear of God in your mind about laser surgery! Do not listen to them.

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Complications Arising during Laser Eye Surgery but Easily Resolvable

Laser eye surgery is no magic, so there might be some complications. Most of these complications can be easily resolved! Remember that issues do not actually arise during laser surgery (provided you have a good eye surgeon). These usually manifest once the operation is over. So, you really have nothing to worry about! Here are some of the complications that may arise after an eye surgery:

1. Higher Order Aberrations

This may sound like a huge issue! In reality, this is a condition, which leads to reduced visibility in low light. It seems as if a glow is radiating around light sources. A word of advice, do not drive, especially at night with this condition. No need to worry, because you will be able to drive soon enough. The condition does not last for more than 6 months.

2. Ptosis

This happens when the upper eyelid droops. No need to be worried about this complication, because it is quite rare and is resolved all by itself in a few weeks. If it persists beyond that, a simple corrective surgery will make it vanish!

3. Infection

If you have low immunity, then the flap created for the surgery can become infected! This is quite rare, but if it does happen, do not freak out. Consult your eye surgeon, a simple steroid eye-drop or antibiotics will help solve it. These will help treat the infection and heal it well!

4. Corneal Haze

This condition results in a cloudy vision. If this does happen to you after the operation, do not stress out. The cloudy vision is because of the simple reason that your cornea is healing! So, it will take some time. No need to worry; but ask for some drops to speed up the process. If you give it some time, it can even go away on its own.

5. Dryness

After surgery, it will take some time for the eye to start producing tears. This makes the eye red, dry and itchy. The condition is very common because of the nerves that are cut during surgery. Do not worry; this will not cause any permanent damage. The condition is temporary, but the dryness can be easily relieved with some lubricant eye drops, till the eye is healed and starts producing tears.

6. Sub-Conjunctival Haemorrhage

This is extremely rare, but the pressure from the suction during flap creation can lead to it. Eyes can turn red (because of bleeding). No need to be worried. The condition is resolved by itself in a few weeks. But, if the redness does not die down within a month, consult your surgeon. It might be something else.

When you research enough, you will never have to face any serious complications. This is the best way to minimize the complications! So, you need two things, a good eye clinic and a reputed eye surgeon. They will make sure that your pre and post-surgery regime goes smoothly! Talk to your eye surgeon and you will see the simplicity of the laser eye surgery procedure.


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