Mika Yoga Wear

Since I have recently  re-sparked my passion for exercise, workout clothing and accessories are my new obsession! I can’t help but get sucked in online to all the sporty and fun workout gear on the market. As I continue to get my exercise in daily, I find myself needing more and more workout clothes. I mean, who knew exercise could mean so much laundry! When I saw Mika Yoga Wear I definitely fell in love and I know y’all will, too.Supportive. Sexy. Yoga & Dance Inspired – Mika Yoga Wear. Ideal active wear for women practicing Bikram Yoga, Pole Fitness, Hot yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Power yoga, Pilates or Dance. ~Mika Yoga WearMika Yoga Wear has such fabulous style. It is a fantastic mix of classy and sassy. I truly adore every piece on their site. I was thrilled to receive the Linda Top in black. This top has such a fun, slimming cut and the back design is just too cute and allows you to get a perfect fit by adjusting the ties. I am not only excited to wear this top for a good workout, but also to the lake and even out and

about this summer! The design is perfect for all circumstances.I also received the Kaya Legging in black. These leggings are extra long and so soft. They are going to be great for my yoga routines as well as strength training. I am going to be totally transparent right now. I am currently sitting at a size 14. I thought that I would be able to fit into the XL even though it’s a 12. Usually I find workout clothing to have a good amount of stretch and I can make the smaller size work as I am working down into them. Mika Yoga Wear is such high quality and definitely very true to size as I can wear the pants, but the top is still too small to wear comfortably.  I know I will be in them both within a few months or even weeks with all the work I’m putting in, and I can’t wait! I am chomping at the bit to get in the top and it is only fueling my fire that much more. I will update this post as well as on our instagram with personal photos wearing the Mika Yoga Wear. It will be fun to keep y’all updated throughout my journey and I will be thrilled to share those photos. Mika Yoga Wear offers a variety of styles and colors in yoga pants, tops and accessories. You can find so many cute items to mix and match and create a fabulous yoga wardrobe!

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