Calling All Little Dancers Fashionistas

I simply adore my little Lady! There is just something about little girls that is so fun and well…girly! We love to dressed up whenever we can! I think the best question I’ve gotten was when we were out shopping and one of the store clerks asked if we had just come from pictures! Yes… it was pretty funny! We love dresses and hair pretties and tutus… and Oh! I can’t wait for her to be a little older so we can start dance! I remember being in tap and ballet as a young child and I am SO looking forward to giving Lady the same experience! I was given the chance to take a look at a Culver Cutie bag that is just PERFECT if you have a little dancer… or just a gal who LOVES fashion in your house.Culver Cutie bags are designed and inspired by little girls who love to dance and play dress up with tutus and all things adorable! There is a roomy pocket for those go to essentials, while providing dancing divas with a show stopping style! Culver Cutie bags make perfect one of a kind gifts for birthdays, sleepovers, dance class, or just for fun!

Shelila Culver, designer of Culver Cutie Bags, discovered this extraordinary idea while fulfilling are quest from her two beautiful and talented daughters to make a dance bag for their ballet class. Since then, Culver Cutie ‘Unique & Sassy’ Bags can be found in several retail stores across the country and consumers world-wide have purchased these trendy bags directly from the Culver Cutie website!~Culver CutieI was so excited to get this adorable bag to take a peek at! I love how dainty it looks with it’s delicate flowers and super soft tulle. It looks JUST like a dancer’s outfit!I also LOVE how strong and sturdy the bottom is and the handles are. Yes, girls love to twirl and “pretend” to be dainty, but I know they can be just as rough on stuff as boys! These bags are built tough and can take a lot of “lovin!”I also really love how much room is in the bag itself! It holds probably the same amount as a small duffle bag, so lots of room for dance outfits, shoes, snacks, water bottle, change of clothes and anything else your dancing diva might need!With 7 styles to choose from there is something to please even the pickiest fashionista’s taste! These would be the star of Christmas morning for sure or would make that next birthday so memorable! I can’t wait for Lady to get to use hers sometime soon! Thanks Culver Cutie! You can find Culver Cutie bags at select retailers nationwide and online!

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