Young Skin. {Willa Review}

Tweenage skin can be just as difficult as teenage skin I am finding out with my now middle school aged daughter.  I don’t remember having skin issues like zits or dryness until I was in high school, however, my daughter has already had some break outs!  It’s been hard for me to see this happening not only does it remind me she’s getting closer to becoming a woman (not my baby girl anymore), but it makes me wonder what the future holds. Over the last 20 years (yes, at 35, I’m no spring chicken!), I’ve discovered how crucial it is to have a consistent routine for keeping skin healthy and clear, so I sat down with my daughter and together we discussed a simple plan for her to start.  Prior to this talk, unless I nagged, she always seemed to forget to clean her skin.

I am happy to say that over the last two weeks she has stuck with her plan and her skin has improved! Just as important as establishing a routine was choosing products that are gentle and good for her skin. So many products out there are loaded with chemicals and fillers, that are harmful to skin. Especially young skin. Studies have shown that some chemicals even interfere with the hormones of developing girls! There is no question that I want the best for my girls so I’m selecting facial products that follow that philosophy like those from Willa.

Willa’s Story

For the past 3 ½ years we have been developing a skincare line for girls called willa™ . It all started when my mom and I looked for skincare products for me and we couldn’t find them – at least not natural products. My mom always nagged me to wear sunblock, wash my face, moisturize – you know the drill. But even though I knew it was important to take care of my skin, I never enjoyed doing it the products available just didn’t feel good–and believe me I tried everything. Willa consists of 17 products; each is special and different from other brands because they were developed by girls, for girls.

My friends in NYC have been helping me test and tweak products and we made sure they look cool too. I hope you’ll love them like we do. Willa is a company I discovered while shopping at Target.  I was browsing the natural beauty product section, a favorite of mine, and saw the cute Willa logo that appeared to look like a young girl, and became curious.  Upon inspection I delightedly realized it was for young girls!  I purchased the natural spf 15 daily tinted shimmer body lotion for my girls to try.  I was impressed with the amount of zinc what my dermatologist deems as a necessary suncare product.  My girls and I love it.

It’s lightweight and adds a hint of shimmer. We were fortunate enough for Willa to send a travel kit for my daughter to try. I mentioned earlier how improved Miss Maddy’s skin was looking, well, I can say a partial thank you to willa’s Fresh foaming face wash and moisturizer.  Maddy loves the smell and says her skin “feels good”.  Maddy particularly likes the non-greasy moisturizer, an often forgotten step in a young skin routine, that contains aloe, green tea, mango and eucalyptus for skin balancing.  Both travel sized items came in an adorable cosmetic bag.  We’ll be going to target to get more of this line, like the lip gloss and cucumber face mask.

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