Yee Haw Cowgirl Chocolates Giveaway

If you don’t know by now I am a HUGE chocolate fan!  If there is a food I don’t like, put a little chocolate on it and I am good to go.  Okay that is gross to think about (tofu with chocolate, chocolate dipped onions yuck!).  Seriously though, chocolate is a staple in my diet. When I was asked to try out a new chocolate that I had never heard of or tasted I jumped for joy.  Let me introduce you to some kickin’ good chocolate. Cowgirl Chocolates was founded in by head cowgirl Marilyn Lysohir, who’s first job was working in a chocolate factory in Pennsylvania.  (Now that is my dream job!!)  Marilyn created chocolates with a spicy cowgirl kick. She was the pioneer, one of the first companies to offer spicy chocolates in the world.

“Cowgirl Chocolates has won a total of 19 product awards and 2 packaging awards and is located in Moscow, Idaho USA. It has also been featured on the Food Network on “Unwrapped” and “Extreme Cuisine” and on CNBC “On the Money”.  They have also been written up in the New York Times, InStyle, the Toronto Star among others.” I received a lb. sampler to give a whirl.  As soon as I opened the box my husband said, “Did you need someone to try those out for you?”  He was so excited to try them out.  We immediately opened the box and he picked out one of the colorfully wrapped truffles.  He popped the whole thing in his mouth and started to chew. “Ummmm,” he said with a smile.  Then, “Whoa!  That thing has a kick.  I wasn’t expecting that!”  Oh yeah!  I forgot to tell him is was spicy chocolate.  He thought that was a wonderful delight.

The next day I took my sampler to work with me.  Secretively I was nervous to try one.  I like a little spice, but only about a chunky mild salsa type of spice.  I handed them out to a few co-workers and they all loved them!  “Just enough spice.”  “OOO!  I love that kick.”  One cute little Latino man said, “Hum that is good, but if you think that is spicy come to my country.” So I decided to give it a whirl.  I picked one out and bit into it.  Raspberry Lemonade Dark Chocolate.  Chocolately goodness…and them YEE HAW! That kick was oh so delish!  Not too spicy but just enough. Thank goodness I ended up with a mild one though because I am not sure this cowgirls mouth could hand the full blown spicy truffle.

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