Are Kids Ruining Your Home’s Aesthetics? Here’s How You Stop It!

Kids Ruining

Having one or more toddlers or preschoolers in your home can be a delightful experience, along with being a nightmare at many times. Keeping your toddlers stay put in one place while you are busy with a task and keeping your home clean with them around are two things which never seem to go in your favour. 

Irrespective how you gorgeously kept your home looked before you had kids, the first step is to let go of that vision. I mean, we will be kidding ourselves if we hold on to the hope that a home housing kids can ever be immaculate. However, you can make your home look tidy and organised even with toddlers working every second of the day to make a mess. 

Read on! (If you want to keep your sanity)

Teach them the importance of having a place

Everything in your home has a place, and so does the kids’ toys. While your kids might be proficient in finding their playthings even in your hiding places, keeping them back might not be their strong suit. 

Change such a habit by teaching your kids the value of putting back things where they belong. Once they are accustomed to such activity, keeping your home tidy won’t tire you to the bone anymore.

Playtime rules are wondrous

Kids love to play every second of the day. However, with a few rules in place, playtime won’t leave you with a whole lot of mess to clean afterwards. Take inspiration from the above point and aware them of the relevance of playtime rules.

Teach them to take one toy at a time and put back the first one if they are interested in playing any other game. Believe in them, and the results will genuinely surprise you. 

Keep them motivated

Kids tend to derail from good habits quickly. Keep your children motivated to stick to the rules, for both yours and theirs good. Turn tasks into games and establish rewards at the end of it like pancakes, chocolates or extra playtime. 

Play music and let them have the time of their lives while they are playing and cleaning at the same time!

Decluttering is the key!

You won’t even notice how quickly your kids grow up. This translates to the fact that you will have piles of toys, clothes and more such items that will become useless after a certain point. Do not hang on to all those items! Donate or throw out what has served its purpose and enjoy a cleaner and decluttered home. 

Try to donate the kids’ stuff when they are not around so they could not throw tantrums about all their toys. 

Organise your home and let them help

Organising your home won’t be the same experience as it was before you had kids. It will take more patience and effort on your part. However, if you kids try to make it easy for you, don’t hold back and let them chip in. 

In case they are not even trying to be of any help, use tip number three to make it look like a game. Surely, that will do the trick for you. 

Manage a storage basket

If none of the above works and you still have loads of legos, puzzles and stuff toys lying around every few hours, adopt the storage basket idea. Create a designated toy basket for your kids where anyone can throw in the toys lying around the house throughout the day. You can sort out the basket by the end of the day or even once or twice a week. 

This is a quick way to keep your house looking decluttered and tidy. Another way to get rid of all the dirt, stains and spots is by hiring home cleaning services in Melbourne to do the hassle some job for you.

Your kids can be menaces at times, but the other times they are adorable bundles of joy that you can’t imagine your life without at all. That being said, don’t lose your temper every time you step on a lego and use these tips to ensure that your sanity remains intact throughout the day, every day. 

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