Wrap Them Up In Cuteness! {Bebe Au Lait Hooded Towel Giveaway}

Bebe au Lait generously sent us a baby hooded towel to test and try out. Can you believe that my kids have never owned their own hooded towel? It’s true. I have always wanted to get them for them…but just never did.

When our new hooded towel arrived the first thing I did was oh and ah at how cute it was. We got the Hot Dots and it is simply adorable! I proceeded to check it out and I can say that it is super soft and I would love to use this towel. The next thing I did was send it through the washing machine and dryer. It came out just as soft and the colors were still vibrant and bright. That night I used it during bath time. I wrapped up my baby in it, and she looked so cute! I love that it keeps her head warm and that it is so generous in size so it wrapped her up nice and snugly until she was dressed. I highly recommend the Bebe au Lait hooded towel this Christmas! A hooded towel from Bebe au Lait would make the perfect Christmas gift for the boy or girl on your list! Plus it comes in an adorable package that is ready for gift giving!

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