Would My Kids Miss Me? MarsNeedsMoms

If I were to disappear would my kids miss me? Would my hubby miss me? Would it even be noticed that I was gone? As a mom, I sure hope so! I am very excited for the new Movie Mars Needs Moms to hit theatres in March. I was prompted by SocialMoms to write what my kids would miss most about me and it really got me thinking! Would they miss me? Would they even notice if I were gone?

Here’s a list of things I know they would certainly miss, since they need them to survive:


  •  Breakfast and morning cartoons, turned on by mom.
  •  Baths and clean clothing for the day, all done by mom.
  •  Lunch and afternoon snacks, all made by mom.
  •  Dinner, of course again all made by mom.
  •  Playtime………giggles, laughs, and smiles! Oh that is what I would miss the most. If I couldn’t see their smiling faces I would be very sad.

Wow, I could go on and on and on. It really is true that us “Moms” really do a lot and we are certainly NEEDED. Now my hubby on the other hand would think that he could handle it all. He would say he could take it on and the house would run smoothly…but I know differently. He would last for about two hours maybe three or four but after that point he would take the kids to grandma’s for help as I am sure his patience would wear right out.

What my children would miss most would be my love of course! Right now I have a two year old and a 5 month old so they are really dependent on me. Now if they were teenagers I am certainly sure they would think they could survive for at least a few days or a week. But, they would definitely want me back after the dirty clothes piled up and the dishes were stinky in the sink. I am sure when they couldn’t find their homework, and when they couldn’t find their bedroom floor. LOL . I like to think I am very valuable to my family! Invaluable to say the least! Would yours miss you? Of course, I know they would! What would your kids miss most about you? What do you do for them everyday. If you really think about it you are very VALUABLE as a mom! Don’t ever forget that.

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