Woah Momma Holiday Gifts

Motherhood and Sultry aren’t words I’d typically use in the same sentence.  I think most mommas would agree with me in stating we didn’t give enough appreciation to our pre-pregnancy bodies.   After carrying an extra 20, 30…. 40+ pounds for 9 months, the body becomes…… “interesting”, shall we say.  Even those of us fortunate enough to drop the weight quickly to our pre-preg size, are faced with saggy belly skin and perhaps stretch marks.  I hate to say it, but things are never the same.  Boo hooCheer up!  Motherhood isn’t a time to be reminiscing about what we used to be, it’s a time to be joyous for the blessings of our children and who we are maturing to become.  I loved the part in Disney’s Cars 2 movie where Mater tells Holly Shiftwell he doesn’t want his “dents” fixed because they’re way too valuable.  You see, our body is still beautiful, just changed.  Wondering how to find that Sultry Momma inside you?  Fix your hair and makeup (even if it’s after everyone in the house goes to bed… ;)) and slip on something that is far from frumpy, like a Bandage dress from the Kewl Shop.  Then, appreciate the view!The journey so far has been exciting but tough. A few things have become clear to us, and these are now the principles that we live and die by. Always supply the best quality, at the most reasonable price and with the quickest speed, then stand by your products by providing one of the most liberal return policies on the web and exceptional 24/7-customer service. And that’s exactly what we do. ~ The Kewl Shop

ou’ve probably seen some celebs on TV or in magazines wearing a Bandage style dress.  Like their namesake, they are meant to be form fitted.  Surprisingly, you don’t have to have a hollywood body to pull one off because they’re made of heavy weight stretch fabric with tiny ribs that pull everything in.  With a zippered back, they make for easier on and off than tube type dresses.  The Kewl Shop offered me a chance to sample a Bandage dress.   Although there was a brief moment of reluctance on my part, because many options I saw on their website were revealing, I went for it and selected the Classic Bandage in nude color.Upon arrival, I immediately felt the quality noted above.  It was heavier than I expected, definitely not legging-like spandex.  The rayon, nylon and spandex blend offers the stretch needed to take the dress from “how am I getting into that” to “wow it fits”.   Due to the high back it was kinda challenging pulling the fabric together and the zipper upward at the same time, so I needed a little help zipping myself in.  Once “bandaged”, my gaze into the mirror said Woah, Momma!  A Kewl Shop Bandage dress surely makes a transformation.
Since my hubby was in the other room watching television, I thought I’d prance in there to see what he thought……his eyes followed me across the room and said “Where do you think you’re going in that!”.  If a response like this isn’t reason enough to get yourself a bandage dress, I don’t know what is! (hee, hee).  You’ll feel hot and the attention will be flattering.Although the fabric is heavy, I still think I’d suggest one piece shapewear for underneath to avoid lines and add smoothness.  I selected a size small based on my measurements and I wonder if I would have felt a little more breathing room in the next size up.  It had plenty of give, just gave the feeling of being tight.  Even if I only vacuum the floor wearing my Bandage dress, I’ll have accomplished getting out of my motherhood comfort zone.  Thank you Kewl Shop!This bandage dress is just one of the many beautiful dresses available in The Kewl Shop’s line of bandage dresses. Their selection is laden with different options, like the classic bandage dress, the ombre one shoulder bandage dress, and the long sleeve bandage dress, so you can find the right dress to for your look! Use coupon code REALMOMS15 to get 15% off your order. (There’s no expiration on this discount, share it with a friend.) Happy shopping!

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