Why should you have an up-to-date EICR at all times?

The first question that might have popped up into your head is “What’s an EICR?” right? Well, EICR is basically an electrical installation condition report, a.k.a. it’s the conformational document that you receive at the end of a periodic inspection, of the electrical condition of your property. This report ensures that whether the electrical installation is in a satisfactory condition, or is there any kind of damage or defect.

Now, after such a weighty explanation, you might be half convinced of its importance. Well yes, as responsible landlords, you have the utmost responsibility to ensure that your premises meet electrical regulations, and electrical safety norms. This will in turn ensure the safety of your staff, tenants and any one setting foot inside your property. So, it’s very important that you get the electrical installation re-inspected at regular intervals, by a qualified and skilled electrician. So get a health check of the electric circuits done every five years, and you shall get your niceic electrical installation condition report. AGW Electrical Services are certified electricians who help you with all such electrical safety certificates, reports etc. They are skilled and experienced enough to carry out all kinds of commercial and domestic electrical works.

Importance of an EICR

Electrical installations and wirings, just like everything else, undergo wear and tear with time. And you might never notice it until it’s too late. EICRs do this work for you as it inspects any such faults, or damages or electrical wiring that may not meet current regulations. In such cases, you should always go for good quality rewiring services without thinking about your full house rewire cost. Cause ultimately, it’s all about safety.

1. Safety comes first : Periodic inspections of your electrical systems will give you the peace of mind and reassurance, that your property is safe for you and your tenants. This ultimately reduces the likelihood of people getting injured due to fires or electrical shocks.

2. Compliance with regulations : It ensures that your building is compliant. Having an updated EICR shows that you understand your responsibilities as a landlord. And that you and your property are in total compliance with the rules set out in the current wiring regulations.

3. Insurance : Most of the insurance companies today, request for the regular conductions of electrical tastings, and the evidence for it. In case, you need to make a claim for some damage that’s been caused by an electrical default, you may need to turn in an up-to-date EICR. It depends on the company, what the requirements of the process may be.

4. Energy-efficient : Not only does an EICR confirm that the electrical installation is safe, but it also points out those areas that need improvement. This will reduce the amount of electrical consumption. And ultimately, it reduces your carbon footprints and so, is better for the environment.

5. Money saving : By reducing the amount of electricity you use, you can ultimately save up money. This will undoubtedly slash down your energy bills, making you use the money for something greater. Also, if you can identify the faults early, you can rectify them before they accelerate. This will avoid the causing of further, unnecessary damage to your property.

So, these were the main reasons why you should have an EICR that speaks of your property’s electrical condition credibility. It’s highly advised that you have an EICR report updated every 10 years, and for rental properties, it’s every five years or whenever a new tenant moves in.

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