6 Types of Wedding Photo Booth Ideas you can’t Go Wrong With!

To be honest, a photo booth is the best way to break the ice at a party or an event. A colourful backdrop, some pretty DIY décor items, some embarrassing and fun props, and in no time you will find friends and family fighting for their position in the booth. And it’s especially great when you and your guests are all dolled up in a nice suit or dress. So, accept it or not, photo booths have become a not-to-be-missed-out-on element in weddings. It will make the event super fun, interactive and take your selfie game to another level altogether.

Weddings are such special events where every moment should be captured and reminisced in later years. We are sure you will be laughing your hearts out when you show your kids how crazy a wedding their parents had, especially with the fun, candid and weird pictures, which were clicked in the photo booth! So, in order to make your wedding super fun and entertaining, we advise you go for a wedding photo booth hire. Occasions Photobooth offers its affordable services all over London. They are quick, guarantee customer satisfaction and have a wide range of modern features and props available in their booth.

Photo Booth Ideas For a Fun Wedding

As much as we try, guests are inevitably going to get bored at a wedding after all the dancing and relishing on buffets is done with. A simple photo booth will bind your guests for a much longer time and this is the least you can do for your special invitees. They deserve some fun and excitement for taking the time out to attend your wedding. This is exactly why you should go for a photo booth hire in London. And trust us, this event will be remembered by your guests for years to come.

1. Funny Caricature cutouts : This is no doubt one of the most fun ideas for a photo booth. You can either take the illustrations of a bride or groom with cut outs in the places of the face or hands or maybe fun comic characters. And all you have to do is put yourself in place and say cheese!

2. Old school style : You can place a huge chalkboard background with writings and doodles on it. You could put on the name of the bride and groom, some fun facts about them, some love quotes, etc. You could even do some fun doodling.

3. Mega Monograms : Another in trend idea for a photo booth is setting up giant letters or mega monograms. It can spell out the names of the bride and groom or something that’s relatable to their love stories. People can lean on them, sit on them, and pose with them to their heart’s content.

4. Small vehicles : You could even take the help of small vehicles such as a floral decorated bicycle or a brightly painted scooter with colourful tyres. It looks so much fun and pictures come out great. You can pose crazy with these, and it will add its own unique touch to the wedding.

5. Social Media junkies : If the guests at your wedding (read: and the bride herself) is a social media junkie, Polaroid cut outs are a total must. You can have cut outs of various social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. and you just have to stand inside the frame and smile.  The rest will be taken care of by the photographer.

6. Floral Love : Nothing looks as pretty and chic as a backdrop of colourful and beautiful flowers. They can be used to enhance the look of any décor stuff and bring out a sense of fragrance and love in the air. And everybody knows that an event that celebrates love is incomplete without red roses. Right?

So, these were some of the most eye-catching and creative ideas for a photo booth at your wedding. Whether you are doing it the DIY way or renting out, these are some of our favourites. And trust us; they will be of your guests too.

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