Whoa! Whatta Wallet! {HuMn Wallet #Review}

My husband is the boss-man at his company.  Not only does he run the joint but he also handles all the plastic.  If the plastic isn’t all kept in one place, by one person, employees tend to get spend happy…not a very good predicament for a non-profit charity.  Since he is in charge of all the cards he carries two wallets–one for personal and one for business.  He has to carry it with him all the time because you just never know when someone is going to need a credit card.  (This is no 9-5 job folks!)  There is no way he wants to carry around a bulky wallet.  Enter HuMn Wallets ftw.HuMn Wallets are made from aluminum or carbon fiber (your choice) and are cool, sleek, modern, and safe.  This is literally a reinvented wallet.  It isn’t like anything you have seen!  Totally unique!!

My husband was so excited about this wallet.  He thought it was really cool.  He likes that it is lightweight and slim.  He usually carries his business wallet in a front pocket of his pants so he especially liked that it was slim.  More importantly it was slim with stuff in it!  It also has a divider in it (see the blue aluminum plate in the middle?) so he can put business in the front and personal in the back.  Now he only carries one wallet instead of two!This has so many cool features.  It is great for both right and left handed people.  It store credit cards, business cards, and cash and is easy to access all of them.  When the wallet is opened everything is easy to access.  Just flip through with your finger to find what you need.  You don’t have to pull out your stack of cards to find the one you need.  Other great thing is you can use it over and over and over and over again!  It isn’t like traditional wallets where they are going to wear out over time.  No matter the climate or environment the HuMn Wallet is built to last!

One thing that makes this wallet truly unique is it protect you from RFID skimming.  What the heck is RFID skimming?  It is what those jerks do when they steal your smart card’s information digitally.  That right!  Jerks can steal your information without stealing you card.  They just use a scanning device and from a distance they download your card information.  Then they use that information and write it to a blank card.  BAM!  Your money and your identity have been stolen and you didn’t even know because you still have your card in your hand.  Scary huh!?  Well with the aluminum or carbon fiber HuMn Wallet you can protect your card information from getting in the hands of jerks.Wallets make for great gifts but HuMn Wallets make for an AMAZING gift, one that will be remembered!  These wallets are great for men or women, traveling the world or running to the grocery store.  They fit great in a pocket and would work well in a fashionable clutch.

HuMn Wallets is Real Mom and her hubby recommended!

Crissa graduated from Brigham Young University inwith a BA in Home and Family Living…the mom degree! Shortly after she found her dream guy and married. She is now the mother of a fabulous little boy! She loves shopping, baking, getting pampered, blogging, chocolate, exercising, and traveling.

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