Restore Your Wood Laminate Floors Laminator Plus Review

Around six years ago, my husband and I installed wood laminate floors throughout a large portion of our house.  It was a big improvement from the hodge podge of flooring we purchased the house with; berber, cut pile carpet, and two different vinyls….all visible from the front door…..yes, in my opinion an eyesore.  Unfortunately, within a year or so our new laminate floor was dull and showed every footprint.  I was unable to find any cleaning product that gave it back its luster, most tended to add a film.  Honestly, I began to wonder if we made a mistake in selecting wood laminate.  The sales pitch sold us on wood laminate’s durability, especially with children, along with a cost effective price, however, if I had known the floor would look bad so soon, I would have paid the extra money for hand scraped wood A month ago, I was about to give up completely, considering ripping up the floor, when I discovered a product claiming to to look like new called Laminator Plus.  I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical, but what did I have to lose?!  When Laminator Plus Flooring Restorer Kit arrived at my doorstep I could hardly wait to test it out.  The Kit contained a bottle of green Flooring cleaner, yellow Flooring Restorer, spray nozzles, microfiber cloth, mop head attachment, scrub pad and DVD.  I watched the DVD first and was impressed by how simple the process appeared to be.

Laminator Plus Reviews

Mop head attachment included with kit, so have one handy if you decide to give Laminator Plus a try.  I proceeded to spray the Flooring Cleaner onto small sections of the floor and scuff it in using the scrub pad.  When finished, I let sit for 15 minutes, changed out the scrub pad to a microfiber pad, which I dampened, and began wiping the floor, again in small sections.  This is the tedious part.  In order to get the floor really clean, you’ll need to go over each section at least twice, each time stopping to remove the microfiber pad, rinsing it and reattaching it.  BEWARE; my hands were ruffed up doing this.  There are plastic bristles on the mop head attachment that poked me as I secured the snug fitting elasticized cloth. Microfiber pad gets very filthy It took over two hours for me to complete this undertaking in my kitchen, dining and walkways.  I probably went back and forth to the sink 50 times.  The microfiber pad was filthy gross every time.  I could have used a bucket to rinse the microfiber cloth, keeping it near by, but I have never understood rinsing in dirty water and expecting it to be clean!?!  After the floor sat for 30 minutes and was completely dry, I started the last step.  Let me take a moment to tell you that I was already impressed at this point. My floors NEVER looked THIS CLEAN before.  They were still dull, but super clean with no marks.

My last step was spraying the yellow bottle of in small sections, like before, using a damp microfiber cloth. Once finished I allowed to dry for 30 minutes to see if I wanted a second coat, which I did.  Directions say to wait 12 hours after second coat before moving furniture back into place. Well, are you curious how my floor turned out? I LOVE IT!! My floors didn’t even look this good when they were new, in my opinion. Check out my before and after photos. Notice how glossy they look now I waited to attack my TV room until a few days later so I could show you the difference side by side. This pic was taken over 24hours after Restorer was dry. Wondering if that spot looked funny when I completed my project? Nope. I just overlapped the Restorer product a foot past the original line and once dried, couldn’t see the difference. Here is a pic of the completed area of mention.

Laminator Plus saved me from having to replace my entire floor. Thank you Laminator Plus. REALMOM RECOMMENDED!!  Since then, I purchased their red bottle of Buff Dry Maintenance cleaner to keep everything looking clean and new.  So far, it has cleaned the floor up nicely, maintaining a nice finish. The Laminator Pluprices at $89.95 + shipping and offers coverage for 400 sq.ft with two coats, or 800 sq. ft with one coat.

Lamanator Plus Review

If you’ve been thinking of replacing your weathered, old, scratched or scuffed hard wood or laminate flooring — give us a try first! Our products are so easy to use and will revitalize and restore your floors. In many cases our customers are delighted to find that their old floors look new again. Before spending thousands of dollars and creating an overwhelming replacement project, try Lamanator Plus.