What Women Should Know About First Dates

With the butterflies and the jitters, a first date can be exciting and scary at the same time. Going out with someone with the prospect of getting to know them more and talking to them, can be slightly overwhelming. There are many things that can go wrong or right on a first date. While you can never be fully prepared for your first date with someone, there are some tips that can always help out a little.

If you’re a woman seeking a man in Sydney and are about to go on your first date, then here are some things you should know.

1. Don’t Become a Machine of Questions

You may have a lot of questions for the man sitting across from you but remember that he is nervous about this first date too. Don’t bombard the poor guy with lots of questions just because you want to know more about him. Knowing more about a person doesn’t have to involve shooting one question after another. Give the conversations some time to let you in on all there is to know about your date. If you end up asking too many questions, it might feel more like an interrogation and less of a date to the man. So take it easy with the curiosity bug.

2. Don’t Dress To Impress

Don’t wear what Vogue suggests. Wear what you like to see yourself in. This is something that goes for all days and not just dates. Wear what you like and are comfortable in, not what you think you should wear. You are only going to be at your best and look your best if you’re comfortable in what you wear. If you’re not aware of where you’re going on your first date and what kind of dress code does the place follow, it’s always a good idea to go with a slightly formal wear.

3. Be Clear About What You Want

It’s very important to know what are you looking for in a relationship. Whether you want this date to move on to a second date where you get to know more about each other. Or do you want this to end with a nice meal and that’s it? Be clear about your intentions of dating, so that you don’t give the wrong idea or lead him on.

4. Be Confident

If you’re dating in Sydney, the city is always vibrant, bustling and so should you. Always be and display confidence on your date. Confident women who know what they are worth are always found more attractive by men. And there isn’t a thing you should be shy of, so why not? Walk tall and walk high.

5. Split The Cheque

Gone are the days when the man paid the entire amount on a date. Also, it gives the idea that you’re dependent on others for finances. Always offer to split the cheque at the end of the date. Not only does it give a good impression but also shows that you’re confident and independent.

6. Be Honest

Don’t fabricate stories on your first date. You don’t know whether this will turn into something serious or not, so you shouldn’t destroy your chances. A lie on your first date can come back to bite you if things get serious between you two. Try to be as honest as you can. If there is something you are not comfortable discussing, let him know that. But don’t lie.


First dates are always more challenging than the rest of them because that’s the date when you get to know about each other and realise whether you’re compatible or not. So, take it easy, try to know about each other as much as you can, but be comfortable and most importantly, have lots of fun.

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