Were Tiny Were Toony Were All A Little Looney Tiny Toon Adventures Crazy Crew Rescues Dvd Review

Last weekend we took an adventure to my sisters house.  It is a 3 1/2 hour drive each way.  It is in the absolute middle of no where.  We usually don’t take the DVD player with us, but this is such a LONG and BORING drive, I couldn’t say no.  In fact, halfway through the drive I wanted to crawl in the back seat with the kids and watch movies, too.  We had the perfect movie for the drive.  Tiny Toon Adventures Crazy Crew Rescues is a 2 DVD set…that’s 5 hours (17 episodes) of old school Tiny Toon cartoons.  As soon as the DVD started, I had a flashback to sitting in my family room after school dipping my graham crackers in milk and watching Tiny Toons with my sister.  I started singing the theme song with the movie and my kids looked at me all confused and asked how I knew the song.  Since they had never seen Tiny Toons, they assumed it was a new show.  They liked the first episode, but when the 2nd came on (Going Somewhere) I went a little bit crazy on them.  This was our FAVORITE Tiny Toon of all time.  Baby Daffy Ducky is getting potty trained.  His parents show him how to flush and sent toilet paper “down the the hole”.  Daffy then sends all kinds of things “down the hole.”  When the toilet starts to overflow, Daffy says “toilet paper come back” and goes though everything he flushed.  We had to watch the same episode 3 times because all 4 of my kids thought it was hilarious!!

“Those wacky kids at Acme Looniversity are at it again! There’s never a dull moment at this prestigeous learning institution with all the zany antics the Tiny Toon Adventures gang has in store. InHog-Wild Hamton, Plucky Duck throws a rollicking party when Hamton’s parents go out of town but the bash soon gets out of control. Elmyra’s doll Babette comes to life and Plucky Duck competes with Babs Bunny to get the most photos in the class year book on Toon Physics. In Acme Cable TV, Babs and Buster Bunny turn into couch potatoes after a bout with the Taiwanflu forces them to stay home with nothing to do but watch Acme Cable TV all day. Plucky Duck stars in a hilarious parody of Thor Heyerdahl’s expedition on Kon-Tiki in Kon Ducki.Sepulveda Boulevardfeatures a clever spoof of the classic film Sunset Blvd. starring Elmyra as a washed-up cartoon star hoping to make her comeback.  These and several other entertaining episodes are featured on the set.”
Featured Episodes:

1. Pledge Day
2. Going Places
3. Elephant Issues
4. Hog-Wild Hamton
5. Playtime Toons
6. Toon Physics
7. Acme Cable TV
8. Buster and Babs go Hawaiian
9. Henny Youngman Day
10. Love Disconnection
11. Kon Ducki
12. Sepulveda   Boulevard
13. Take Elmyra Please
14. Thirteensomething
15. New Class Day
16. Fox Trot
17. What Makes Toons Tick

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