Use Them Again & Again! {ReUsies #REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY}

Ava is having so much fun in Kindergarten this year! She loves it and when you ask her what her favorite part of the day is, you will usually get a “lunch” or “playing outside” response. Ava loves lunch, I think it’s her favorite meal of the day…the child is obsessed with peanut butter & honey sandwiches. Since she can be a bit of a picky eater, I pack her lunch every day full of all the things I know she will eat. It’s such a long day  for her and I want her to eat a good lunch so she isn’t hungry and distracted. Packing all her favorites {grapes, carrots, water, juice, fruit snacks, & her beloved sandwich} ensures me she will have a full belly and can stay focused. Well, since the start of the year I have already gone through a box of plastic baggies; they aren’t too expensive, but I started feeling a bit wasteful. I was so happy when I stumbled upon ReUsies online one day, the reusable alternative to plastic sandwich bags. They come in a variety of sizes and prints and are the perfect addition to Ava’s lunchbox!

At the start of the new school year we realized that our families were going through an average of 10 plastic bags per day between school and work lunches. We do our best to reuse and recycle in other areas of our lives, but there didn’t seem to be a solution to the plastic sandwich bags we were using.We developed ReUsies™ for their waste-free quality, but many customers primary reason for purchasing our product was to eliminate plastic from being in direct contact with their family’s food. Whatever your reason, know you have made a good choice!We are Seattle moms with a passion to do right by our children, and hope that the footprint we leave behind for future generations will be much smaller. We take pride in our product and we hope you enjoy them too! ~ReUsies

ReUsies generously sent us a darling Two Pack of their fantastic reusable bags. The Two Pack includes one sandwich size and one small size ReUsies bag in the same pattern. I was immediately happy with the great design and quality of the ReUsies, they seem very well made with a simple velcro closure. My only concern was if they would keep Ava’s sandwich fresh until her lunchtime. I conducted a little experiment before sending it in her lunch one day and made two lunches in zipper closure lunch bags; one with ReUsies and the other with her plastic bags we have been using. I kept the lunch with the ReUsies at home and opened it up around her lunchtime. I was pleasantly surprised as the bread on her sandwich was still moist and fresh; no stale bread as I was concerned might happen. Since conducting my experiment and giving Ava a long talk about how we don’t toss these bags in the school trash, they are special bags we can use over and over again, I have been using the ReUsies daily in her lunch! She loves them and I loved siting and talking with her about why we use the new ReUsies instead of the plastic bags. Definitely a great lesson in recycling and reusing! Thinking I need to order a few more snack size ReUsies for her lunch and we’ll be set for the rest of the year!!

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