Ultimate Workout. {Ultimate Sandbag Core Fitness System Review}

In my struggle to reclaim my post baby body, I have come across many outstanding products and programs that are definitely helping me along the way. I am all about trying new things and changing up my workouts in an attempt to keep things fresh and my mind into exercise. I recently stumbled upon the Ultimate Sandbag Core Fitness System and was instantly curious and ecstatic to have the opportunity to use it and share it with ya’ll. Josh Henkin, fitness expert and inventor of the Ultimate Sandbag Training System, was a Division 1A athlete with a problem. The rigors of training and competing on such a high level took a toll on Josh’s low back. His quality of life has become so poor he was about ready to throw in the towel. Physical therapy didn’t work. Traditional corrective exercises didn’t either.

Josh set out on a quest to find a way to heal himself. He’d seen some military friends train with leaky old duffel bags filled with sand as a part of their “PT” routine in the Army. He understood exercise physiology so the idea of an unstable load was intriguing. He began a workout regimen with his homemade sandbag. Before long, the pain he had endured in his lower back was beginning to subside! What he discovered during the those early workouts was the unique power of sandbag training.

He found that it’s effectiveness was based on 3 things:

The ability to create exercises that simultaneously improve flexibility Turn-on muscles that have been forgotten by most standard weight room exercises Re-train the “RIGHT” muscles to take stress off the rest of the body I was sent the Ultimate Training Sanbag: Power Package in PINK! It is perfect for me as it is made specifically for women or young athletes. It arrived and I couldn’t get it filled fast enough! I had sand ready and waiting; just some play sand from the local hardware store. The two filler bags were simple to fill and there is even an instructional video included in the Introduction video in case you want to double check you have filled and sealed your sandbag correctly. I love that you can increase and decrease the amount of sand in your filler bags to meet your fitness needs. I immediately got started with the first workout on the DVD. The first workout consists of 5 different exercises to be completed circuit style 3-5 times through. The exercises are very simple {lunges, bicep curls, cling & press, etc} but the intensity of the workout is definitely increased by the addition of the Ultimate Sandbag.

I felt every move and felt it even more the next day or two! Yep, I was sore! The DVD that came with my Power Package contains 6 different workouts. I have only made it through the first few, but am loving them and after completing the workouts a few times, It is simple to remember the moves and I can get through it without even popping in the DVD. Just crank up my music and get it done! Easily fit into my daily routine. I feel like I work harder and get more accomplished in less time using the Ultimate Sandbag. The Ultimate Sandbag is well made and very sturdy. Definitely holding up well to daily use. The handles are in all the right places allowing several different gripping options for each move. The Ultimate Sandbag is available in a variety of sizes to fit all fitness levels. Along with a great product you can also find free workouts to go along with it online! I am so happy with my Ultimate Sandbag and the Core Fitness System workouts! I can’t imagine a workout without it!

The Power Package measures 19Lx9W, our most compact version of Ultimate Sandbag training that is best suited for the following:

  • Beginning Women or Young Athletes
  • Rotational Training
  • Attach to Suspension Trainers such as the TRX.
  • Bootcamps

The Power Package contains: 10-15 pound filler bags that allow easy change of weight. Additionally comes with one FREE training DVD with SIX Workouts, Instructional Booklet and wall chart poster-Sand NOT Included. The Ultimate Training Sandbag: Power Package is Real Mom Recommended!

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