Transmission Repair Services

Automatic Transmission

Automatic Transmissions switch between gears automatically to optimize driving. They adjust gears based upon the driver’s throttle, vehicle speed, engine speed and vehicle load. The typical automatic transmission has 4-5 forward gears, a reverse, park, and neutral gears. Automatic transmissions automatically shift gears when the car is in Drive. There is no need to use a clutch pedal or shift knob like in a Manual Transmission. Because of the complexity of all components, automatic transmission repairs can be complicated. You should have any issues with your transmission properly evaluated by an auto mechanic. 


There are different types of clutches for manual and automatic transmission cars. The clutch transfers torque from the transmission to the flywheel by engaging and disengaging with the flywheel when shifting gears. Your vehicle’s clutch should be able to smoothly start and shift gears. Your car’s clutch can wear down over time. 

Four-Wheel Drive Transmission

Four-wheel (4×4) vehicles have differential gears at both the front and rear, as well as a transfer case that is attached to the transmission. Four-wheel drive vehicles require maintenance on the transmission, front differentials and rear differentials as well as fluids. 

Front-wheel drive means that the engine only drives the front wheels. The transmission routes the power to the final drive, where it is split into two drives. All of the engine, transmission and other hardware are located at the front. 

Manual Transmission

A Manual Transmission vehicle requires that you use the clutch pedal and shift knob to manually shift gears depending on vehicle speed. There are two to eight gears in a manual transmission. There are two main types of manual transmissions: rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive. Manual transmissions are typically less costly than automatic transmissions. 

The transmission is a part of motor vehicles. It uses gears and trains to transmit speed from a rotating power source. Your car’s transmission can be replaced by a new, rebuilt or remanufactured transmission. Our service technicians are experts in helping you make the right decision for your vehicle.


Transmission repairs are not something you should take lightly. Your vehicle’s transmission is an integral part of your vehicle. It must be in good working order to ensure your safety. To prevent transmission damage, auto transmission repair service include changing filters and draining fluids. Transmission issues that could lead to repairs include shifting problems, slipping, stopping, fluid leaking, and the service lamp turning on. 

Transfer Cases

The transfer case is an integral part of the four-wheel drive system. It can be found in both four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles. The transmission sends power to the transfer case and the rear axles. Although this can be accomplished with a few gears, most transfer cases today are chain-driven. The transmission is connected to the transfer case via drive shafts.


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