Dora the Explorer to the Monkey Bars

My toddler absolutely loves Dora, and the interactive quests that they do during each episode. My toddler will receive the Celebrate with Dora 3-DVD DVD Gift Set this holiday season. She will absolutely love it! You can preorder the DVD set now for $19.99 or $29.99 at Amazon.

Take a look at the included episodes in this bundle.

Dora the Explorer – Celebrate with Dora Episode Synopses

Dora the Explorer’s Christmas!

Santa’s Present

It’s Christmas Eve! To give Santa a gift, Dora and Boots travel to the North Pole.

Rapido Tico

Boots waits in vain for the new toy firetruck to arrive in the mail. But when it does, it is empty! Boots and Dora must travel to Snowy Mountain in order to retrieve the gift from Swiper, the sneaky fox.

School Dog

Dora and Boots rescue Mimo the hamster from his cage by saving him.

Quack Quack!

Boots and Dora are coloring Mami Duck’s egg and Mami Duck’s picture when suddenly the coloring book comes to life. One of the eggs is blown away by the wind as they hatch. Boots and Dora must run to the coloring book in order to take the Baby Ducks that have just hatched back to Mami.

Dora the Explorer’s Halloween


It’s Halloween! Boots and Dora are out trick-or-treating, when they meet a sweet Little Monster. They hurry Little Monster home before the clock strikes 12.

The missing piece

Boots and Dora meet El Encantador, a wizard who has lost his magic wand. They go on a quest to find El Encantador’s magic wand, so that he may perform his magic.

To The Monkey Bars

Dora was never able to scale the monkey bars. Boots and Dora set out for Play Park to give it another go.

The Big Storm

The storm clouds are coming. Boots and Dora have to warn their forest friends to get home in time for it to start raining.

Dora the Explorer’s Big Birthday Adventure

Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure (Double-Length Episode)

Happy Birthday Dora! The final episode of the Magic Storybook Trilogy features Dora and Boots, who must return home to Dora’s birthday celebration with her family and friends. Before Dora or Boots can leap out of the Magic Storybook a twisty wind grabs them and blows them into Wizzle World.

Dora Helps the Birthday Wizzle

Dora is currently reading a storybook that tells the tale of a Birthday Wizzle, who can make birthday wishes come true using his magic wand. He was making a wish for his birthday today, so a wind blows out the book and takes the wand. Dora must leap into the book to bring the wishing stick back to the Wizzle in order to grant him his birthday wish.

Wizzle Wishes

Boots and Dora meet a sweet little Wizzle, who has lost his wish bag and is unable to get home. The two set out to find the missing wishes but their friends keep finding them first. Boots and Dora must defeat a giant sunflower in Isa’s garden, a storm in the Nutty Forest, and slippery slopes at The Wishing Well to get their wishes back to their rightful owners.

Dora the Explorer – Dora celebrates Flash Facts:

Street Date: November 15, 2011.

Catalogue: 144624

DVD SRP: $29.99

Running Time of DVD: Approx. 291 mins.

Dora the Explorer is an animated adventure series that Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh Valdes, and Eric Weiner created. It features Dora, a seven year-old Latina girl who travels in a tropical jungle filled with beaches, rainforests, and jungles. The show’s purpose is to engage the audience in an interactive quest that uses a variety learning methods. She explores her world as preschoolers do every day.

Dora and Boots invite their audience to join them on an adventure. Each episode consists of a puzzle or problem that Dora must solve, and Dora and Boots will help the audience do the same. Dora proudly speaks Spanish and English. She uses both languages to communicate with her friends and overcome obstacles to reach her goals. Dora will teach viewers Spanish phrases and words, and then ask them to apply it to solve a problem. Dora and Boots win the end, and the story ends with a “We Did It!” song.


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