To Infinity And Beyond! Buzz Lightyear Costume

Halloween is coming up sooner than you know it.  But just because it is almost here doesn’t mean you are too late to get the costume you want.  Don’t run from store to store looking for your dream costume and hoping you can find it and in your size…log on, order click, and ship! Costume SuperCenter is an online costume superstore with something for everyone.  From baby to adult and conservative to sexy you are sure to find just what you are looking for.  Order the whole outfit or just the accessories to make your costume extra special.  Now is the time to start shopping from the comfort of your home. This year my family is going with the Toy Story theme.  My little man is going to be Woody so naturally his big brother and best friend would go as Buzz Lightyear.  We received the Buzz Lightyear Deluxe  Toy Story Costume in a 3T/4T for Beckham and the Boys Buzz Lightyear Gloves in a one size fits all. When it arrived I pulled it out of the box and showed Beckham. His response was priceless, “YES!” he screamed as he punched into the air. He was beyond thrilled to see his Halloween costume in person.

The main costume is a one piece jumpsuit complete with leg shields that slide and easily stay in place. These leg shields give it more of a 3D look. The jumpsuit easily fits over clothing and isn’t see through. In fact in the pictures below Becham is wearing dark colored clothing underneath and you can’t tell. I wouldn’t say it is thick enough that your child could wear it without clothing underneath but it is October after all; and if your weather is anything like Utah’s you will want to dress your child in warm clothing under their costume. The jumpsuit has an attached hood this IS a little snug to pull over your child’s head. I wish it was detachable so that it would be more comfortable and easier to pull on. The costume velcros up the back for easy on and off.  The front chest piece is a foam piece that is attached to the suit giving it great dimension.  Beware, this piece can be folded to fit in the packaging (like ours was) and need some flatening out or even steaming before wearing.

There was a slight run in the costume upon arrival. I was a little sad to see this since he hadn’t even worn it yet, but it isn’t in a noticeable spot. It will hold up for Halloween but I don’t forsee it as a costume that could be used for multiple kids. We also received the Buzz Lightyear gloves. I was so excited to receive these because it would be the icing on the cake to his costume. They are ADORABLE! These really do finish the Buzz costum.but….they are much too big for my 3 year old. The fingers are way too long for him and the gloves come up past his elbows. He doesn’t mind but since he can’t keep his fingers in their individual holes he won’t be wearing these for trick or treating. These would be great for a child 6 or older….even a small adults. (My hands were just slightly too big to fit in them.)

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