Cozy Camera

I love my camera. It really is like a part of the family!  It goes along with us on outings and to gatherings with family and friends. There are definitely times when we are out and I don’t need another bag along on the trip and the camera bag is a nuisance. So then I am stuck between do I take the camera or leave it and the bag behind and loose out on capturing memories. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was when I saw Camera Coats!They are the perfect camera cover that slides on your camera while you wear it around your neck! Giving a bit of protection and style all at the same time! Perfect for zoo trips and outings with the family when all your photography gear and camera bag just isn’t necessary, but you still want a little protection for your camera.

 I had so much fun looking at all the different Camera Coats! After a bit of browsing through the shop, I decided I needed the Bright Bouquet Rain Slicky Camera Coat for my SLR! It is so pretty and the pattern instantly caught my eye. I decided that the protection from bumps as well as a little wetness caused by nature or my little ones was most definitely necessary!I have used this wonderful little Camera Coat on several outings and it has proven itself to be a wonderful addition to my camera accessory collection. Any time we are headed someplace where I want to take my camera to capture memories but don’t need another bag along with the kids and all the bags and gear that I need for them I pull out my Camera Coat and we hit the road!

It is 100% Designer Cotton Laminate {which means waterproof!}, the interior is 100% soft white cotton and and there is a nice padding between the layers. There is also a great little pocket on the outside of the Camera Coat that offers a place to store a memory card, lens cap, or even a phone depending on the size! The Camera Coat fits perfectly on my Canon SLR with the original camera strap! I love it and am so thankful Emily {the creator/CEO of Camera Coats} came up with a brilliant solution to a common problem so many face with heading out with their SLR cameras! Camera Coats come in a wide variety of fabrics choices and styles for men and women!

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