Tips to Clean Your Home Office Windows Clearly

Shifting your office to your home office is a big step in your career. With more people working from home nowadays, setting up a place where you can increase your productivity becomes important. You will have to clean up the place properly before setting up your home office. A clean and well-maintained office looks versatile for channelizing all your productive energy. Cleaning and maintaining windows make the exterior of your home office look impressive and professional. Cleaning the windows from inside as well as outside is a huge task to get streaks and smears permanently removed from the windows.

Here Are Some Quick Tips To Clean Your Home Office Windows With A Streak-free Finish.

1. Make A Checklist of Required Equipment

Your home office is an investment that is precious to you. You will not require many tools to clean the windows, but you must use the right ones to get smudge-free windows each time. Here are the tools you will need.

  • Get buckets and something to put water on the windows. The professional window cleaners use a plastic T-bar that has a washer at the end. You can get them from major suppliers. If you use them correctly, they will last a very long time.
  • Get squeegees and drying pads to take the water off. The pros use a good high-quality squeegee that has a T-bar handle with rubber blade slots at the top.
  • Get a ‘scrim’ or a microfiber cloth to wipe down the edge of the window. Scrim helps you remove the dirt that the sponge might have missed. You can easily buy them online.

2. Get Yourself the Right Cleaning Solution

Washing your windows clean is a tedious task – so make sure you get it right the first time. The most important part of the whole process is to choose the right window cleaner. Never use ineffective cleaning solution as they run the risk of leaving windows streaked, dirty and spotty. To avoid having to redo your work, buy a natural window cleaner.  Natural window cleaners are safe to use and will do no damage to your windows. The solution will help you get sparkly clean windows. Among the bottles in the cleaner aisle, even the professional window cleaners recommend using the one that promises streak-free results.

3. Use The Correct Technique

There is really not much to know about the techniques to clean the windows. The routine we have listed below can be mastered easily in just a few minutes.

  • Use the natural cleaning solution and wipe the entire window with the T-bar washer.
  • Then wipe the window frames and surrounding areas with the squeegee in an “s” shape. Take the squeegee down the surface of the glass. Do not remove the blade of the window; otherwise, it will leave a water mark. If the water marks do not disappear by the blade, do not worry. Use the scrim to take the water mark off. The pros call this the “fanning” technique because the squeegee makes an “s” shape as it moves down the surface of the glass.
  • Use the scrim or the microfiber cloth to clean and wipe the window sills and corners to prevent water marks where your blade might have missed.


Window cleaning is a tiring job, be it home or office windows. Such a task requires getting the right tools, correct technique and an eco cleaning products for your windows. Do your windows before setting up your home office because once you settle in, it will then become difficult for you to take time out for the cleaning. Choose a time when you feel energetic and good, and the job will go faster. Cleaning the windows will keep the workplace fresh and vibrant. I hope these home office window cleaning tips amaze you with crystal clear results.

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