Time Keepin’ Bookmark {mark-my-time Review & Giveaway}

There’s no other product quite like it!  Now you can accurately track children’s required reading times to help take the work out of daily reading homework. Reading has always been a favorite pastime of mine.  As a little girl, I was encouraged to read, and had great role models in my parents, who read books or newspapers around me often.  One of my fond reading memories was when my 1st grade teacher created a “reading railroad” on our class bulletin out of milk cartons, where we would put note cards filled out with information about a book we read.  Once we  accumulated so many note cards we received a treat lunch with our teacher:) wait, it gets better if you accumulated 100 book reviews you would earn a trip to the bookstore to purchase a book of your choice!!  I’ll never forget Ms. Godderman or the trip to the bookstore:)  Even to this day, the library or our local bookstore makes me get all giddy!

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To my great pleasure, my little ladies also love to read.  I think I may be keeping Scholastic in business!  Well, as many of you out there with school aged kiddos may know, teachers today are requiring reading as homework.  They send home reading logs with daily or weekly time criteria, which once completed by the child, must be signed off on by parents. With busy schedules it’s sometimes hard to keep track of how long your child has read.  This is where mark-my-time comes in handy!  I discovered this product last year, and was thrilled to have the opportunity to review it for you today.  Mark-my-time is a digital bookmark that is powered by a watch battery (easy to replace!), and keeps track of time spent reading.  You can either set it to let the time accumulate (up to 100 hours!!) or set the countdown function which alarms when your child has reached the required reading time.  The bookmark is slim enough to fit between book pages, and is durably made of polyethylene plastic.

Mark-my-time’s newest gadget is their digital booklight bookmark!  My fashion diva daughters are going to be excited to find their cheetah print booklights in their stockings this year.  How perfect, the same great original mark-my-time bookmark features plus a bright LED adjustable light with an integrated clip to attach the bookmark to book pages.  The light even turns off when using the countdown timer. Although I don’t have to nag my girls to read, I could totally see the reading resistant child becoming interested in reading once they have their own timer to play with.  My girls think it’s fun to set the timer themselves, and are always surprised when the alarm sounds.  There is one more feature that is neat….a 60 second timer to test fluency.  My girls have competitions to see how much they can read in a minute hey, how much can you read in a minute?!

This is what our other REAL MOMS thought about the mark-my-time bookmark line:

As soon as I saw the Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark, I was so excited! We are not in the whole world of timed reading assignments that come with elementary school, but I know we will be there before we know it! The Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark is such a fabulous item, providing children and parents a great way to keep  up with their child’s weekly reading assignments! Along with being oh-so practical, they are also too cute! Mark-My-Time sent Ava the Digital Booklight in a fantastic leopard print {How sassy and perfect for my girly girl?!} and Hollis a Digital Bookmark in blue! My favorite features, other than the obvious, digital time keeper, has to be the integrated page clip. I will be putting these up until the time comes for them to be put to good use by my children, and I can’t wait! I know they are going to add a bit of extra fun and novelty to weekly reading assignments, making them more exciting to complete! The Mark-My-Time Bookmark or Booklight would make a fantastic stocking stuffer for any school age child!

I have three avid readers in my house.  My kids LOVE to read!  We constantly have books laying everywhere with a playing card sticking out, a torn off piece of paper, or the old fashion dog e corner to mark their places.  That is no more because my kids are in LOVE with their new bookmarks.  Not only because they are super cute, but totally practical and helpful.  My kids are required by their teachers to read at least 20 minutes a day.  They love that their bookmark counts down while they do their daily reading, but they can also use it while they do their reading fluency (where they see how many words they can ready in 1 minute).  But, their favorite part is the light!  We have both the digital bookmark and the digital booklight and the booklight is the one they are always looking for.  They love the fun prints, too!  Thanks for helping make homework and reading a little more enjoyable!

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