All Your Holiday Needs {Collections Etc. Giveaway}

Collections Etc. is a great place to find everything you need for the holidays, so there’s no need to fight for a parking space, run out in the rain or fight the crowds to get special gifts or festive items for your home. They’ve been around for more than 40 years so they know how to meet your needs during the holiday season. Most of their items are $19.99 or less!Collections Etc. sent me a few fun things for the kitchen. My girls are loving the holidays and we’re really excited to start some new traditions with them. We were sent the Gingerbread House Baking Pan and the Set of 12 Holiday Cookie Presses to review. Both were so easy to use from start to finish.The Gingerbread House Baking Pan comes with two silicone pans…one for the house itself and another pan for the gingerbread man, gingerbread lady, a tree and a snowman. I used a recipe for gingerbread cake that I found online (mine came out a little darker because I used dark molasses instead of light…oops! But it still looks ok). The cakes were really easy to remove. And my girls had a blast decorating everything. I just arranged them on a platter (it was still out from Thanksgiving!) and added some icing. The girls did the fun part which was adding sprinkles and snow (coconut).

The Holiday Cookie Presses were cute as well. It came with 12 presses, two for each of the six designs so it’s good for more than one pairs of hands when you’re making a lot. We pressed them into sugar cookie dough and saw a subtle print. We embellished them with sprinkles and cookie frosting as well to bring it out. I will also try these with sandwiches this holiday season to give them a surprise in their school lunchboxes. Hope it works!
Collections Etc. has tons of other cute, goofy, traditional and fun items for your home and garden. And they’re offering a discount.

Today, Collections Etc. is Giving Away…

…A Gingerbread House Baking Pan Set
and a Set of 12 Holiday Cookie Presses!

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