Three Tips To Tackling Ceiling Cleaning

High ceilings can be overlooked in any retail store, hotel or hospital. High ceilings can easily collect dirt, grime, and dust, making it a difficult task for custodial staff. We have witnessed custodians clean unsafely and inefficiently.
These are three methods to make your high ceiling cleaner more efficient and safer:

1. Clean with Daylight
High-ceiling cleaning can be done during the day. Natural light is better than artificial lighting for identifying the grime and dirt you need to be removed. It may not be possible to clean high ceilings during client business hours. Most people prefer to work weekends and during the week. Weekend cleanings can be accommodated in a typical office open nine to five. Businesses may not be open until 11:00 a.m., so early morning cleaning is an option.

It is essential to use an artificial lighting setup if you need to clean at night. The best artificial light source is LED lights mounted on stands. These lights are brighter and illuminate your space more effectively than a halogen bulb.

2. Clean with the Right Vacuum
Too many custodians do not use vacuums when high-ceiling cleaning is done or use the wrong vacuums. Ceiling cleaning will be easier if this is rectified.

High-dusting jobs can be done with a vacuum that has extensions. This will prevent dust from falling to the floor, as can happen with dusters.

Safety and efficiency are both important. High-ceiling cleaning often takes place during business hours. Using a vacuum to clean the ceiling prevents dust from landing on customers and work areas. A vacuum can also clean the floors, as dust does not fall to the ground.

It is your job to remove ceiling dust and not transport it to the ground.

3. Learn how to safely use lift equipment by investing in it
Do not lose out on a contract just because you said you wouldn’t be able reach a certain area. Your business’s ability to clean high can be detrimental.

To be eligible for higher-paying work and higher heights, high ceiling cleaner need to rent or invest in lift equipment. Clients will appreciate your creative solutions to reach ceilings 20 stories or higher.

I cleaned the ceiling and windows in a 45-foot tall hotel atrium one time. A cobweb-covered ceiling and windows had caused the hotel to lose a rating with a travel agency. We rented a lift which allowed us to be creative in cleaning the atrium. This helped the client regain a positive rating with the travel agency.

It doesn’t matter if you own or rent the lift, it is important to use and provide safety equipment. OSHA regulations require that you are properly secured to the lift and fitted with a safety harness. Worker injury and heavy fines could be triggered if you don’t comply.

These steps will make high-ceiling cleaning more efficient and effective, which will result in happier clients.

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