Things to keep in mind when traveling with a baby for long drives

Planning a road trip with a toddler can be tricky. You always have to keep them engaged in some activity and ensure that they are taken care of. How do you plan to keep him/her entertained? What if the baby is always crying on route and you have to pull over every now and again. The following tips will help you travel peacefully with your baby.

Try to keep it Short and Include Breaks

While you might have the patience or even excitement about going on a road trip, kids hardly do. If you must take them on a long drive, make sure that it is timed well. Kids usually have a very less attention span and can also get very cranky if they have to stay in the same position for a long time. Try to match the timing of your travel with the kid’s nap hours. Moreover, you should ensure that there are breaks wherein you get down and move around a little for either eating or even taking a break. They would love to see the scenery, and this would also help in preventing motion sickness.

Join Them in the Backseat

If you are driving with one more adult, then it is a good idea to give the baby company while they are in the back seat. Use this time to bond with the toddler and maybe even play a game or two with him/her. Always bring their favorite books and toys which they are bound to like. You can also make the trip exciting by surprising them with a new toy which will grab their attention.

Snacks and Meals to the Rescue

Finger foods can be a great distraction for your baby. You can also consider sitting next to them and feeding them their favorite food as well as their favourite snacks. Maybe you can create a game around food and reward them with a snack every time they win. It is a fun activity that you can undertake for a while. However, make sure that the kids are appropriately buckled to their seats for safety. You can pack some healthy fruits and salads by cutting them in small pieces and keep on feeding the baby. However, make sure that you also stop while feeding as in some cases the road can be very bumpy, and the baby might end up choking.

Prioritize Safety

When taking the baby for a ride, it is crucial to always ensure that they are safe. Before you even start the trip always ensure that your vehicle is up-to-date. Additionally, you should always have a spare first aid kit just in case something happens. Check for any projectile items that could probably hit someone in the car when the brakes are applied suddenly. It could cause injuries, and the baby can get really hurt too. So keep all the loose items in one place and then secure them. Moreover, you should always have a Baby on Board sign at the back of your car, so the fellow drivers are extra careful around your car.

Similarly, if you have a pet with you in the car, make sure that they are placed within their cage so that the baby is safe.

Play Upbeat Music

Is there any favorite music your toddler has? Or a poem they love to dance to? Why not play it while you enjoy your long drive with the kiddo. There are a lot of travel playlists you can find which can be soothing and fun at the same time. With the right music, your baby will be entertained without you having to put any extra effort.

Thus, the above tips can tremendously help in ensuring a fun and safe long drive or road trip with the kids onboard. Always bring their favorite snack and remember to keep them busy with music or toys. Take regular breaks so that it does not get boring.

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