The Which Boiler is the Best for Your House In London?

When we think about a boiler, two things immediately spring to mind: enough heating and lots of money. While the first is directly related to the size and efficiency of your boiler, it is not the same as the second. Therefore, you will not want to spend a lot on something that doesn’t eat a portion of your monthly income.

There are many factors you should consider when buying a new boiler. This will help you to determine if it meets your daily needs. What are these “factors,” and how can you choose the right boiler for your home? This is the last part of our helpful guide.

To avoid regrets later, make sure you follow each step carefully.


Two interrelated factors are the size and efficiency of your boiler. It would help if you chose a reliable model for your house’s water and heat needs. This depends on appliances such as non-he washers and agitators and your landscape requirements and daily consumption.

This means that balancing heating and cooling will be crucial to supplying heat for a household. Consider the following information to help you make a size decision:

Conventional boiler to heat large houses

Conventional boilers have a large storage capacity and are highly efficient. They provide hot water for larger houses with multiple bedrooms or washrooms.

The tank houses hot water and a separate storage tank. This allows you to have hot water at different outlets simultaneously. There are many power and kW options available.

A 24-30 kW is the best choice if there are 10 radiators. However, for best results, you can choose between 30-35kW and 30-35 kW. You will also need additional tanks for water supply to the different outlets since the entire system is gravity-driven.

Boiler for medium-sized houses

A system boiler may be a good choice if you require a multi-tasking, heavy-duty machine that can store and run water in the radiator simultaneously. It is easy to install the components because they are all contained in one unit.

It does require sufficient pressure from the mains to draw water. An extra pump is available in case of low pressure.

Combi Boiler

A combi boiler is a good option if you live in an apartment with limited space. A combi boiler is small and efficient. It also has on-demand functionality.

It will draw water directly from the mains and heat it. Then it will move it to the outlet/radiators as needed.

Another plus is that it doesn’t require a water pump. We would recommend one of these only if you have the space and the need to use it.

Calculating boiler size/kW

Online calculators can help you determine the size of your boiler. The following table will give you an idea of what to do if you are in a hurry:

No. Radiators Minimum kW size for the boiler

8 radiators15 kW

12 radiators21 kW

15 radiators26 kW

20 radiators33 kW

And so on…

The new system or the old?

Whether to keep an existing boiler or install a brand new one is another big dilemma when installing a new boiler. This is more a matter of convenience than cost. It’s a smart decision to keep your current system if it is functional and cost-effective. It would also cause extra wear and tear.

We would not recommend a new system if the current system is too old or doesn’t compliment or hinder you from fully taking advantage of the modern technologies of modern boilers. The extra costs of low efficiency and higher bills will only increase. You don’t need to spend thousands every year replacing your boiler.

Space requirements

The space available will determine the size and type of boiler. If you’re looking for a larger boiler, ensure you have enough space in your home to accommodate it. A combi boiler is the only option and most practical.

What brand?

It wouldn’t surprise us if someone compared choosing a boiler to a thousand-piece jigsaw. It’s quite right. There are many boiler brands in London, but only a few can live up to their claims.

While all brands perform equally in the initial months, performance declines are much faster with cheaper models. By the fifth year, you will notice visible signs such as lower efficiency and higher bills.

People in a hurry can choose to go for Ideal, Vaillant and Worcester Bosch boilers. They are a trusted brand among Londoners due to their excellent warranties, quiet operation, and highly efficient functionality. They also come with a 5- to 6-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about electric boiler repairs in London.

What fuel is best?

It is important to determine if fuel consumption in your area is allowed, as the government emphasizes green energy sources for safety. This will depend on the availability of fuels and your economic situation. Below are some common fuels that can be used in different boilers to help you make an informed decision.


The boilers that run on methane from the mains are perhaps the most efficient and non-renewable energy-powered. This is an economical and practical option for those who live in cities where gas is readily available.


Oil is the most popular and common alternative to gas if you live in an area or country without access to natural gas. Although not the most environment-friendly, budget-friendly, and efficient option, it gets the job done. You will also need to give it more space to fit inside.


If you are more concerned about the environment and want to make a difference in green London, biomass can be an option. A flue is required to allow the combustion byproducts from your property to escape. This is a more eco-friendly option than the oil-powered one.

Which one should you choose?

Gas boilers should be your first choice if you live in an area with gas available 24/7. You can also choose from the two other options depending on your preference. We suggest going for the biomass-powered boiler as it is more environment-friendly and gets the job done. You might also be able to find a boiler compatible with modern power sources like solar power. If you want your boiler compatible with future technologies, this is an optional feature.

Find the best installer.

It is important to know how well your boiler is placed and how long it will last. The boiler must be placed where heat can be dissipated continuously to ensure it works at its maximum efficiency. To prevent leakages, it is important to secure the connections properly. This is essential for safety and maximum efficiency.

Only a professional and experienced installer can make this happen. Make sure to hire the best. These tips can help you to navigate the process.

  • Find the best service providers in your local area.
  • Get quotes from at most 4 service providers.
  • Ask your family and friends about them. Also, check out the reviews left online by real customers.
  • Compare the prices of each quote, and you will find a compromise between quality and price. The cheapest is usually the worst, but not always the best.
  • A registered organization is better than independent service providers.
  • Ask questions at all times, before and during the process. This will ensure maximum transparency.


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