How to Organize Your Home Bar Like a Sophisticated Adult

Summer is the season for cocktail parties and dinner parties. Now that there are more occasions to host, it is important to organize your home bar. Like me, your home bar was a crucial resource during the pandemic. It may have become a little too messy during your 15-month social hiatus. It’s time to organize, declutter, and reposition your liquor to entertain. This is how you can get your home bar ready to host your next house party.

Your existing home bar can be decluttered

Make a list of all the liquor in your home bar. Everybody has that one bottle of whiskey or mixer they haven’t used in years. Get rid of them all so you can start over. What should you keep? Saucey, a cocktail site, suggests that you start slow with three to four bottles of your favorite liquor. When you host a party, you can add more variety and take into account the diverse tastes of your guests. It’s also worth looking at your glasses and accessories. Don’t forget to give the red wine aerator to someone you know will use it.

What bar tools should you have? And where to place them?

A few tools are essential for a functional home bar. Saucey recommends that you have a muddler and a jigger and a small cutting board and a knife. These are the bar items that will make you go above and beyond.

  • A blender
  • Red wine bottle aerator
  • An electric corkscrew
  • Stoppers for wine bottles
  • You can easily make fresh juices with a citrus press

Even if your bartender skills aren’t the best, you can still impress your friends by choosing the right cocktail bar hire in london. Once your bar is set up, organize it to make it fun and functional. To give your bar a home in a small space, you can buy bins with dividers. Urban Simplicity, a home decor website, recommends placing everything in designated areas. Keep similar liquors together and near their respective mixers. Mixers, shakers and openers should be kept in the same area. Straws, napkins, coasters and napkins belong in the openest area of the bar for easy serving.

For proper flow, position your bar

The location of your bar will affect the interaction you have with your guests. It won’t be the main focal point if placed in a corner. However, serving it would be a great idea. You can be creative with the bar style and place it on a kitchen island. House Beautiful has many ideas for unique home bars. If you have a portable bar, such as a chest or a desk, place it in an area where people will be most comfortable.

You might consider an open-ended island-style setup if you have enough space. A food and drink website, Serious Eats explains that an L-shaped bar can make mixing drinks difficult. A bar island allows easy access to any bar side, allowing for maximum interaction with your guests.


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