Superpretzel Bavarian Soft Pretzel Rolls And Sticks

Brooklyn had her 1st birthday and I wanted everything to be perfect! I wanted to serve some type if appetizer but did not want anything overpowering. I had the chance to review SUPERPRETZEL Bavarian Soft Pretzel Rolls and Sticks. I knew this was perfect and just what I was looking for.I did not have a lot of prep time so I was able to make these in practically no time at all! They come frozen in the bag so my first instinct was to preheat my oven. The instructions on the back say that it is recommended that the rolls and sticks be cooked in the microwave, although the oven is also an option. They also said to brush on a little water to help the salt to stick to the pretzel when as you sprinkle it on. I was a little nervous because I did not want them to come out mushy but I did what the instructions recommended and was not disappointed!

These are fabulous. I will be adding the SUPERPRETZLE Bavarian Soft Pretzel Rolls and Sticks to my weekly shopping list. These are perfect to add into a meal or even to eat one at a time. We are always on the go so these will be perfect for my little ones to take in the car while traveling to their weekly activities.
Find SUPERPRETZLE Bavarian Soft Pretzel Rolls and Sticks for your next get to gether at your local grocery store!


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