Spot Free Time After Time

My boys have sensitive skin.  I have to use hypoallergenic laundry detergent on every load.  I cannot use dryer sheets with them either.   For soaps and lotions I have to make sure they are designed specifically for sensitive skin or my kids end up breaking out in bumps and red splotches.  It is kind of sad but this is the case for a lot of young kids…and adults!Dreft was born over 80 years ago!  “Dreft baby detergent makes your baby’s fabrics feel as clean and gentle as can be. Specially formulated to be gentle on baby’s sensitive skin and tough on stains, washing baby clothes in hypoallergenic Dreft is as gentle as washing in water.”  Now, Dreft is helping keep you looking better in a new way!

Introducing Dreft Stain Removing Spray And Dreft Portable Pre-treater Pen!

Dreft Stain Removing Spray is a pre-treatment spray that can be used to soak a a stain and help lift it from fabrics during the wash.  It works great on spit up, diaper leaks, baby food, and more!  This is also a great spray to use on carpets and furniture.  You never know where the bottle is going to leak, the blow out is going to happen, or the baby is going to spit up.  This is a wonderful spray to use on all colorfast fabrics.  It works in all temperatures and does not harm little one’s sensitive skin.  Coming up real soon I am taking the dreaded leap into potty training.  I know that this is going to come in real handy for stains on carpet and couches. Good thing it is such a great little worker!The Dreft Portable Pre-treater pen is like the spray but for on-the-go.  Saturate and scrub the stain out before it even has the chance to set in.  It is like a magic little pen.  Just minutes after using the Portable Pre-treater Pen the fabric will be stain-free, dry, and smelling fresh.  I have loved using this for little diaper leaks when we are on the go and don’t have another change of clothes.  I also like using it on my older son’s clothes.   He is in the stage where he doesn’t always want to wear a bib so this little pen saves his clothes…especially the white shirts!  This little beauty is in my diaper bag as we speak and will be making it’s way to Disneyland this weekend.

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